2 Jun 2022


Weight of the Nation Discussion

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Key Elements of Success 

The wellness program of Nabholz Construction Company has numerous key elements of success. For instance, it is a motivational factor to the employees. In this case, the employees feel that the employer care about their wellbeing, this has a positive outcome as it boosts the employees performance. In addition, the wellness program offered reduces employee claims against the company, sick leaves, and absenteeism. 

Why the Employees have not Embraced the Program 

Despite the massive benefits of the wellness programs, various barriers have met its implementation. The first barrier to its implementation is the lack of time to participate in the programs as the employees have deadlines to meet at the work place. The second barrier to the implementation is that, the employees have competing priorities whereby the employees choose to work for over time for additional pay rather than participating in these programs. Third, employees lack interest to participate in wellbeing programs, which discourages the introduction of such programs. Lastly, organizations do not clearly define the objective and purpose of the programs. In most cases, the program is viewed as a form of weight loss and those who do not have weight problems see no need to participate in them. 

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When it is appropriate for the Employer to Monitor the Wellness of the Employees 

Employers should monitor the wellbeing of the employees during the time of recruitment. During the recruitment, the employers should include a health report as part of the recruitment requirement. After the recruitment exercise, employers should make available gyms where the employees can work out after work. Despite the costs being high, employers would have saved a lot in the end, as it will reduce sick leaves and absenteeism. 


I agree to the company’s decision to introduce the wellbeing program for its employees, as it will reduce the company’s overall costs like employee illness claims. Other than the economic benefits, the program will also improve employee performance as they feel that the employer cares about their wellbeing. 

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