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What are the cultural perspectives on human sexuality?

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Human sexuality refers to the ability of human beings to have erotic feelings and responses (Greenberg & Oswalt, 2013). The sexual orientation of a given human beings has a significant influence over their sexual interest and attraction for another person. It is vital to note that sexuality is expressed in different ways. These ways include erotic thoughts, beliefs, desires and fantasies. These feelings manifest themselves biologically, physically or emotionally. Specifically, the biological aspect of human sexuality is concerned with the human reproductive system. Emotional human sexuality is concerned with the expressions of love and the human bonding that exists in relationships. 

Explain the need for a scientific study of human sexuality 

Human sexuality is a very important matter in the lives of human beings, which must be understood well through research. Human sexuality is part of the daily lives of everybody on earth. Knowledge about human sexuality is useful because it enables people to understand the factors that affect sexual feelings of human beings. The importance of scientific study of human sexuality is that it is the basic source of motivation for human beings (Greenberg & Oswalt, 2013). Moreover, the scientific study into human sexuality is essential to getting solutions to many sexuality problems that human beings experience in their daily lives. 

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What are the cultural perspectives on human sexuality? 

Human sexuality takes various forms in different cultures with high attention paid to the sexual roles of the women and men in terms of initiating the sexual behavior, the locations for the act of sex and the partners involved in the practice (Greenberg & Oswalt, 2013). Moreover, various cultures have rules on the legitimate times of the day when the act of sex has to be done. For instance, in most cultures like the African one, it is the men who initiate sexual behavior with women. Women are not expected to initiate sexual relationships in such cultures. 


Greenberg, J. S., & Oswalt, S. B. (2013).  Exploring the dimensions of human sexuality . Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. 

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