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Climate Change in the Future: What to Expect

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Tavernise (2015) argues in the news article that more individuals are likely to get exposed to extreme environmental hostilities such as droughts, floods, famine, extreme sunlight due to future climate changes. The author reviews the British medical journal or the Lancet, and argues that the extreme climate change and weather disparities will are likely to be witnessed in the next centuries due to logging and human beings encroachment into forests. Moreover, the author examines the health effects witnessed over the past decades that resulted from severe and extreme weather due to climate change (Tavernise, 2015). He goes on and indicates the number of people who will suffer from adverse weather and severe climate changes in the future. This estimation of individuals is based on the demographic changes and population projections which is likely to explore as well in the recent future thus exposing more people to the hostilities of this change. 

Furthermore, the author argues that several people will be exposed to extreme climate, and this number of people is likely to be more than normal. On the other hand, the number of people who will be exposed to drought will triple the number of people who were exposed to drought and famine during the 1990s (Tavernise, 2015). Another research conducted by Kelley (2018) found that exposure of aged people to extreme heat waves will increase by factor 12 thus causing several more skin disease i.e. skin cancer to this vulnerable population. Based on the information provided above, I also believe that climate change is a growing threat to both political and security stability, and the whole world will have to accept it is a global issue and strive to find its solution. Nonetheless, failure to protect the environment from degradation i.e. cutting of trees, deforestation, encroachment, release of carbon into the atmosphere, etc. would at long run lead to extreme climate change ( Nolan et al ., 2018). 

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Kelley, P. L. (2018). Crossing the divide: Lessons from developing wind energy in post ‐ fact America. Zygon, Journal of Religion and Science,    53 (2), 642-662. 

Nolan, C., Overpeck, J. T., Allen, J. R., Anderson, P. M., Betancourt, J. L., Binney, H. A., ... & Djamali, M. (2018). Past and future global transformation of terrestrial ecosystems under climate change.  Science 361 (6405), 920-923. 

Tavernise, S. (2015). Risk of extreme weather from climate change to rise over next century, report says. The New York Times . Retrieved at https://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/23/science/risk-of-extreme-weather-from-climate-change-to-rise-over-next-century-report-says.html 

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