13 Nov 2022


What Merit Rating of Teachers Means

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Is merit rating applicable and how does it affect the attitudes of teachers? 

This research proposal seeks to define what merit rating of teachers means, what are the teachers’ attitudes towards the system and whether the merit system will any impact on teaching standards in schools. It seeks to gather the views of various teachers around and the country and come up with a conclusive recommendation.

Strategies on teaching poetry effectively in high schools 

This research will seek to determine if there really any effective strategies to teach poetry in high schools, what these strategies are and how to effectively deploy them in teaching poetry in high schools. It will seek information from written materials around the subject and my own personal views to arrive at an informed conclusion on the subject.

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Is there really a better way to teach spelling? 

Through this research, I will seek to determine if there really a better way to teach spelling schools, what are these strategies are and how to effectively deploy them in teaching spelling. I will seek to gather information from written materials around the subject matter and the personal views of experts in this field to arrive at a conclusion as to whether there is really a better way to teach spelling.

Alcohol and alcoholism, what are the causes and effects among students

Alcohol and alcoholism has been and is still a major problem among the students around the country and the world over, this has raised a lot of questions as to what really leads students to alcoholism, what are the effects and what measures should be taken to eradicate this menace. This research will seek to answer these questions and solutions.

Effects of smoking in institutions of learning 

This research paper seeks to exhaustively analyze what are the effects of smoking on student’s health, academic performance, and socialization and also on the institutions facilities. It will come up with actionable findings on the subject matter.

Ability-grouping of students, does it really work? 

This research paper seeks to clearly define what ability-grouping of students is, explore the theories that have been put forward in support of this model and critically analyze each and every one of these theories to determine their effectiveness.

What effects does having law enforcement officers in institutions of learning have on students’ behavior and attitudes? 

Having law enforcement officers in learning institutions has been hailed by both the administration and parents alike as key to ensuring the safety of the students while in school and while even majority of the students themselves also support the policy there are quite a number who differ. This research paper seeks to identify what effects the presence of these law enforcement officers in the learning institutions have on the students’ behavior and attitudes.

Class discussion versus lecture method, which is the preferred method by students

With the rapid changes in the idea of the traditional classroom and the way teaching is administered to students, this research paper seeks to examine the pros and cons of class discussion and lecture learning methods as viewed by both the teachers themselves and the students.

Critically examine the three fallacies of evolution 

This research seeks to explain what is meant by the term fallacy of evolution as used in human evolution theory, what are these fallacies, critically examine all three of them and come up a conclusion either for or against the theory.

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