31 Aug 2022


What's the Difference Between Conservatism and Liberalism?

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Conservatism and liberalism both have ideologies and political viewpoints. Generally, both parties have completely different ideas concerning government issues. The underlying assumptions, philosophies, and methods are completely different owing to the ideologies of the two sides. The libertarians also have their own political views which may contradict the ideologies of the two other parties. 

For instance, on the issue of abortion, the conservatives believe that infanticide is wrong and therefore they oppose the issue of abortion. Liberalism on the other front, also believes that abortion ends the life of an innocent child though they prefer killing the child rather than inconveniencing the mother. The libertarians disagree on the issue and want to make it a government concern whereby the issue is not left to the individual to consider. 

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Conservatives are patriotic and put the issues of the country first. The conservatives are primarily interested in what makes America better. Liberalism, on the other hand, tends to care more about what happens in other countries especially Europe. This covers the security concern for other nations and keeping the world at peace. Libertarians nearly agree with the conservatives regarding this issue and want America to stop acting as a watchdog for the world and devote itself to America. Conservatives believe that every individual should be judged by his or her actions and character but never by the color of skin. Liberalists believe racial discrimination is not wrong if it primarily benefits the minorities. 

Contrasting the ideologies of conservatism and liberalism is difficult as they tend to disagree on every issue. Conservatism and liberalism both believe in pursuing policies. They may differ slightly in what drive their ideology of pursuing policies. For conservatives, it's mainly because of they are pragmatic while for the liberals, pursuing policies makes them feel good. 

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