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Why Christians are Strangers in the World

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Christians as Strangers

Christians are strangers in the world as listed by Peter, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, in the Bible. This has been attributed to several factors inclusive f the life that is dictated for them to live which is different from the rest of people in the world. However, Peter gives them hope and reminds them of the abundant love that God has for them and how they were redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. In the second chapter of first Peter, Peter calls the Christians aliens and urges them to abstain from the desires of the flesh. This is an evidence of the fact that Christians do not belong to the world but rather they are strangers in the world. 

Why Christians are Strangers

Christians are strangers in the world because they are Christ’s people, a royal priesthood and a holy nation according to Peter. They have called by God who is a Holy Being and does not conform to the things of the world. As such, this distinguishes them from the rest of the people in the world. Peter constantly reminds them to live a righteous life which is Holy and pleasing to God. This is because they are God’s people and have sent to earth with specific roles. 

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Subsequently, in 1st Peter the first Chapter, Peter reminds Christians that God has begotten them again through Jesus Christ. He goes ahead to remind them yet again that they have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. This is to mean that God has taken repossession of their life once again and as such, they no longer abide in the world but Him. He also reminds them that they have been sanctified by the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus of Christ. Moreover, Peter reminds them of the living hope that they have which is through the resurrection of the Jesus Christ. All this points out to the fact that Christians are strangers in the world that they live in. Their life is in the hands of God, and they live a life that is different from that of people of the world. 

How Christians are to live as strangers

According to Peter, there are several things that Christians have been urged to abstain from and other to uphold which set them apart from the rest of the worldly people. To begin with, Christians have been urged to live a holy life remembering that they were not redeemed with incorruptible things rather the blood of Jesus Christ. As such they are to abstain from fleshly lust and things that corrupt their soul. Christians are also urged to love each other with pure hearts. This means that they should not harbour any grudge or plot evil against the other brethren. Moreover, they are always required to be sober in thoughts, guard their minds and put all their hopes unto the Lord at all times. They are also supposed to do what is right irrespective of whether the people of the world will appreciate it or not. They are also supposed to ignore the rejection which they are bound to face as they are but strangers in the world. 

In conclusion, therefore, the Christian life is that of a stranger in a foreign land. This is because Christians have been redeemed by Christ Jesus and set apart to be His special people. They are supposed to lead lives that are different from the world and set their hope upon Jesus. They are also required to endure the challenges that come about from the fact that are strangers according to Peter. 

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