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Why Does Literature Matter

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There are several definitions of literature. Literature is the written works to be specific those that are considered to be a lasting artistic merit or the superior ones. Literature is also the books as well as writings that are published on a specific or particular topic or subject. Literature can also be defined as the leaflets or the printed matter which are used to advertise and promote products or those used in giving advice. 

These definitions clearly show that the existence of literature is very important. This paper discusses the advantages and the reasons why literature is very important and matters a lot in the society today and even in the past years. 

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I believe that the works of literature kind of provide the society with a blueprint of human civilization. Looking at the ancient writings of civilization like China and Egypt to the Greek philosophy as well as poetry, the plays of Shakespeare, the epics of a homer and many others. These works gave both insight and context to all the societies in the world. Therefore literature is definitely more than just simply a cultural or historical artifact but literature has the power to be an introduction to a totally new world of experiences. 

Literature matters because of several reasons according to different scholars. For instance, literature allows for experiences which are important to the living of day to day living of people in the society. Living in sophisticated ways and satisfying the human life existence. This cannot be provided by other areas of culture in the same degree as literature does. The very small numbers in the text in literature do a lot of work in a very exceptional manner that people owe literature in that both the past and the future societies should ensure to keep it alive in the traditions and cultures of different societies. Reading ‘The Waiter’s Wife’ one can put themselves in the environment the writer put his characters in thus understanding the writer’s intention. ‘In the spring of 1975, Samad and AlsanaIdbal left Bangladesh and came to live in Whitechapel, London…’ 

Literature is very important as without it a lot is going to be lost, for example; a lot of cultures will be lost, history, knowledge of linguistics, social mores and many other aspects of the society will just disappear. Readers fins that every piece of writing whether fiction or nonfiction happens to give a glimpse into the mind of the writer if not the world of the writer himself or herself. Like in the poem by Percy Bysshe Shelly, which talks about politics, “A senate, Time’s worst statute,” clearly outlines the importance of literature. Hence, literature matters as it allows for the conservation of important aspects of the society like political events. 

Looking at what works of literature glorify in their work, it can be taken as a sign of what a society in any part of the world praises or blames. Writing has the power to give people an insight into love, religion, business and many other things in life. Each and every book that is written has a piece of time or a snapshot of a certain moment that the writer is inhabiting. Therefore, literature matter as it gives meaning to life by giving insight to significant life events like love. 

I consider writing that is literature as a way of conveying the zeitgeist. All successive zeitgeists will add up nothing more than simply culture and history. Therefore when there is a possibility of having culture but no literature or history without literature then it would become even harder and difficult to have any sense of continuity or narrative in a specific culture or a certain history. To cut things short it becomes very hard to keep things whole when there is no literature. Thus, literature matters as it ensures the continuation of a culture from one generation to another. 

Many cultures happen to be rooted in language. When one wants to transfer complex thoughts to other they do this through words. This follows then after that the transfer of culture, which is the body of certain shared ideas and notions, traditions and history, are therefore achieved through language and through the extension of literature itself. In the poem ‘The lady of Shalott’ by Alfred, the poem talks about the history of Camelot, ‘O’er the stream of Camelot.’ 

In conclusion, reading literature is an empathic exercise, which should be expressed in everyday living. Adding onto the main reasons why literature matters, it has its own benefits like building critical thinking, getting a leap into the past or future; achieve better writing skills, being able to appreciate other cultures and their beliefs as well as addressing humanity. Therefore, literature matters as it allows experiences vital for our living to satisfy our existence, which is not provided by other cultures in the same degree 

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