21 Mar 2022


Why Education in America is Important

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Education remains an important element in every part of the world. Everybody wants their nation to develop; produce world acclaimed and celebrated thinkers and educators as well as take part in global success. Apparently, it is everyone’s wish for his or her country to be honored for its contribution to human civilization which forms the epitome of great education. However, these might not be the major reasons access and acquisition of education in America is vital not only to the citizens but also to the nation as a whole. Thus, there are pertinent reasons why education is important in the United States.

The United States is one of the global superpowers; a nation commanding a big sway in world politics. Nonetheless, despite the grand respect it commands, the US has slipped downwards in regard to education. Actually, in the 2014 world ranking, it failed to win a slot in the top 20 nations feted higher in math proficiency ranking (Greenstone & Looney, 2012). This happens to be a terrible poof and sign that American legacy is falling. Every parent wants their children to emerge successful and smart and earn respect for attaining the American education celebrated for being tied to the American dream. Therefore, education in America is important to promote its legacy among world powers as well as enhance its national heritage in facilitating successful generation. Invariably, a triumphant generation is the essence of a great society and progressive nation.

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Education is important in facilitating economic growth not only at individual level but also on the national arena. People with great education are able to remain actively innovative and creative enhancing job creation and generation of income. Good income is distinctly tied to higher standards of living which are a key factor in enabling acceptable and better service delivery (Greenstone & Looney, 2012). It enables people to increase their productivity as higher expertise and skills translate into quality, efficient and effective economic activities. In this case, if children are given the right education, the society will also improve accordingly. Thus, education in America is essential to ensure economic progress of both the masses and the nation at large.

Research findings indicate that high number of institutionalized people have poor education as compared to those with appropriate and great education. According to Greenstone and Looney (2012), many people who engage in crime activities have had poor education during their childhood. More often than not they tend to lose hope in life because they cannot access better jobs, they can be accepted in the society as great people and such they find solace in being offenders and participating in drug abuse. Therefore, education is important to enhance societal social wellbeing through promoting correct behavior and discipline among children.

In conclusion, it is clear that education is an important component in the American society. It not only determines the future of young children but also the economic and social wellbeing of the whole American society. Ensuring children access and acquire good educations will be a key factor in promoting their behavior while as children as well as when they become adults. Education reduces not only crime rates but also cuts on government costs that would be used to institutionalise the offenders who would break the law over poor education. Furthermore, it is important in promoting American national legacy and heritage as contained within the American dream of the United States forefathers. Essentially, education promotes innovation and inventions which leads to creation of more jobs in the economy and subsequent income to the people. Therefore, education is crucial not only to the individual citizens but also to the country as a whole.


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