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Why Evolution Works and Creationism Fails

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The controversy over creation and evolution brings about a debate involving a recurring political, cultural, and theological dispute regarding the origin of humanity, the earth, and of people’s life. The creation-evolution controversy has a long history, and it always revolve between the scientific and the religious communities who have different beliefs concerning the origin of man that of the universe (Phy-Olsen, 2010). The religious communities derive evidence that supports creation from their religious books such as the Bible and the Koran. On the other hand, the believers in evolution originate from the theories of Charles Darwin. The primary objective of this paper is to discuss why evolution works, and creationism fails through the supporting evidence from science.

The Account of Creation

The religious people believe that their Holy Books tell the truth about creation. For instance, the Bible confirms how God created life and the universe. The evidence about the creation is well accounted for in the book of Genesis in its first two chapters that explain the creation’s physical events (Young, 1941). The Bible explains further that God created the universe and the things in it by the word of his mouth except for man whom He created using His hands. Moreover, Christians rely on their faith that God created the universe. As such, Christians dispute the evidence that exists in the evolution theory that focuses on histology, paleontology, and geology framing them as fictional science.

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The Evolution Theory

The theory depends on the findings of Charles Darwin in which he noticed that there exist some variations in the appearance of the animals (Young, 1941). His argument was that with time, variation would make every animal have a different appearance from other animals. The theory further states that the similarities in the embryos of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians are an indication that they have a common origin though they have evolved to different stages.

The existence of evolution is also recognized by the Catholic Church as recently stated by Pope Francis. The Pope is quoted saying that God is neither a magician nor a divine being but the creator of everything. He adds that evolution is consistent with creation since evolution needs the creation of the animals that will further evolve. The evidence of the genetic evolution and its rules were first discovered by a priest from the Catholic Church, Gregor Mendel, who is recognized as the father of genetics. Such discoveries have made several religious people in the world to believe that God guides the process of evolution. On the other hand, several other individuals believe that God did not have any hand in the creation of the universe, and thus they purely believe in creation (Young, 1941).

The findings of the National Academy of Science of the United States indicate that many religious denominations are of the opinion that biological evolution has brought up the diversity of living organisms in the history of earth over several years. The findings also indicate that such religious people accept that the doctrine of their faith and evolution are well-matched (Phy-Olsen, 2010). Additionally, theologians and scientists have written expressively about their wonder and awe in the history of life and the universe. They also explain that there is no conflict between the evidence of evolution and the faith in God that the religious people have concerning the existence of the universe. As such, they conclude by indicating that the religious people who do not accept that evolution exist tend to be the individuals who strictly believe in the literal interpretation of the texts of the Holy Books.

The contradictions that people read from the scriptures of the Bible have largely diverted the attention of the religious people in some churches in England. Christian authors such as Reverend Charles Kingsley have expressed their support for the Darwin’s theory in the same manner as the nonconformists indicating that God works through evolution. Authors like Asa Gray conducted further research on the truth of the theories of evolution by Darwin and the beliefs of theism. The findings in his essays argue for the reconciliation between the theism’s tenets and the theory of evolution by Darwin when several people still regarded the two as parallel.

The Position of Darwin that God does not exist received support from other individuals such as Thomas Huxley, Edward Aveling, and Ludwig Buchner (Young, 1941). It is important to note that the leadership of the Catholic Church has embraced the idea of evolution. The fossil records also further cement the reality regarding the theory of evolution and scientists conduct their researches to find more evidence that supports evolution. Learning institutions have gone a notch higher by having evolution in their syllabuses to explain more about the reality of the theory of evolution and the facts that support evolution as opposed to creation. The contradictions in the first two chapters of Genesis in the Bible regarding creation are evident. The first chapter explains that Adam was created last in the first creation while the second chapter of the same book indicates that Adam was created before all other living organisms and Eve became the last creation. Such contradictions in the Bible explain further the failure of creationism.

To conclude, it is notable that the theory of creation has contradictions concerning the existence of the universe and all other living things that do not exist in the theory of Evolution. Additionally, some Christians have also openly supported evolution due to the facts that surround it. Therefore, creation has come out of a failure.


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Phy-Olsen, A. (2010). Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design. New York: Publisher Edition Pub. 

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