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World Religion Discussion

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The term canon originates from the Greek language which initially meant a rod or a straight bar, the other meaning of the word in the pre-Christian was the standard or rule. In the later days, the word was adopted to mean the designated rule of faith. Due to the problems faced, Canon as the rule of faith was significantly relevant as the standard for judging all the controversies of religion. In consideration of the concept of canonicity, there needs to be every admiration that is Biblical. The Bible only is the one certified to describe canonicity. The scriptures are clear in their instruction about the revelation detailed in the message of the words of God to human. The scriptures are crucial in a way that acts and understood, the words were written in a manner which in itself was a revelation and also an important element in God's plan of deliverance. When the word of God was put down, it come to be the scripture and possessed full authority. It was canonical since it was the word of God and thus determines the canonicity of a book. 

The Origen's work was seen as exegetical and had a critical faculty that was ahead of what was known at the time. He argued and interpreted the scripture under three parts, i.e. the moral, spiritual and moral. He said that all things found In the Bible showed that there is a real and spiritual system away from the visible world of which is a strong component of Platonism. The most work was to find what the spiritual truth in a given text and work on the message in combination with other scripts. Origen stated that the understanding of Holy Scripture is the noble road to the know God, although he occasionally as a theorist to other philosophers using their linguistic asserts the importance of the Holy Scriptures (Oshitelu, 2002). It is believed through the divine Scripture the human know-how is purified and becomes exact wisdom. He said that knowledge should become understanding and human knowhow hold the scripture only because godly awareness has been bounded by it. Therefore the spiritual knowledge is what articulate through scripture and defines the appeal of philosophical intellectual. 

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The history of Christianity according to the Catholic Church dates back to the teaching of Jesus Christ who stayed in Galilee. The Catholic Church explains of continuation of the early Christian society built by Jesus Christ. The bishops of the Catholic Church are referred to as inheritors of Apostles of Jesus, and the Pope is regarded as the bishop of Rome and the only successor of Saint Paul who was chosen by Jesus Christ as by the New Testament. According to the Orthodox Church, Christianity dates back to the apostolic community that was made by Jesus Christ and given the Holy Spirit (“Major Divisions of Christianity: Catholic, Orthodoxy and Protestant traditions”). The church of Orthodox believe the dinner of Pentecost celebrated after Easter, commemorating the Holy Spirit that was given to the disciples and symbolizes the beginning of church assignment to the world. The Protestants believe in Christianity that began with reformation and emphasizes on priesthood for all and believes in the Bible alone. 

Protestants reformed from the Roman Catholic. The movement was led by Lutherans who rejected the notion of papal supremacy and refused the doctrine of transformation supported by the Catholic Church. The movement is said to have begun in Germany, with the complaints against covering of sins through their purchase of sympathies. Although the initial attempts to reform the Catholic Church were stopped, Luther succeeded and sparked a broader and long-term movement (“Major Divisions of Christianity: Catholic, Orthodoxy and Protestant traditions”). 


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Oshitelu, G. A. (2002). Origen of Alexandria. Ibadan: The African Fathers of the Early Church . Retrieved from http://www.dacb.org/stories/egypt/origen_.html. 

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