13 Jan 2023


Effective Communications and Email at Del Sur SDAC JV, LLC

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Effective communication and email at the workplace are crucial in the workplace since it ensures there is a free flow of work and minimal conflict. Poor communication affects the flow of information, creates misunderstandings, and reduces productivity. Employees would not be able to share ideas and insights regarding their work. A survey conducted at the workplace of Del Sur SDAC JV, LLC that asses the communication of people showed that business ethics had not been cultivated as a culture. As a result, employees do not use formal language and there is a lot of misunderstandings. They consider their culture as being informal and not as professional as required. Conflicts may even arise between employees and create a hostile working environment. In turn, there is little or no collaboration among the employees and performance has declined. At the same time, the survey revealed that employees were not trained on how to communicate appropriately with one another. Lack of proper training on communication creates skill deficiency and reduced productivity. No one has been concerned about the level of communication and the potential adverse effect it has on customer and supplier relationships. Recent complaints from customers on the disrespectful responses from the employees show that there are no policies and the human resource department should take the issue seriously. In a consumer-oriented business world, customers are likely not to buy the products and services provided by the firm. This means that the business risks losing its market share and overall profits. The survey revealed that customer conflicts with employees threaten business survival. The clients would consume substitute products. Given that the company is young in the market, the risk of business failure is significantly high. 

Recommendations for the first identified problem provides that the human resource department and managers should develop and implement a culture of respect and professionalism. Policies could be drafted for everyone to follow. The policies should provide guidelines on how communication, reporting of complaints, and conflict management are to be done. Those who violate the rules should be warned or dismissed from work to avoid creating bad relationships both within and outside the company. The policies should form the foundation of the organizational culture where employees develop a habit of professionalism and effective communication. The second recommendation for lack of training should involve adequate education for all employees. Training could be done by the firm’s human resource department or through certified trainers by attending seminars on communication skills at the workplace. Workers at the firm should be trained on the language that should be used and evaluated before being allowed to continue working. The human resource department should monitor the training process and provide certification to employees. Ineffective communication should also be addressed immediately before they get out of hand. Most importantly, business managers should lead by example and demonstrate how to be culturally sensitive and professional during communication and interactions with others. Their leadership would influence employees to conform to the changes as well. Employees will have no choice but to be effective in their communication given that they may lose their jobs if they do not adhere to the rules of the company. 

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