2 Sep 2022


A Rational Reason for the Existence of God

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God exists among his people, always expressing himself through nature as well as what people pass through. There are miracles daily, both good and bad, which are used to show the presence of God. What happens on a daily basis is a way of knowing that God is present. The things that we see in the world provide a rational reason for the existence of God. 

The complex nature of the world shows God’s presence. In the Bible, it is written that God created the world and everything there is. God used to the powerful world to indicate “let there be,” and everything happened as it was. That is why it is hard to describe how nature appears, with some places being forests and other deserts, mountains, rivers, and all natural things. 

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There are miracles happening on a daily basis. Miracles such as healing of sick people and live. There are people with a faith that when they call to God, believing, they will be healed. Sleeping and waking up healthy is also a miracle of life, considering that God takes other people when they are still asleep. It is an indication of the purpose that God has for his people. 

The life of Jesus Christ and his ministry is an indication that God exists. God sent his only son, Christ so that he could save people from sin. Jesus died for the sins of people so that when they repent, they will have a life after death. The preaching and miracles of Jesus show that God sent him. 

Though invisible, God can be seen through the happenings in the surrounding and the lives of people. Whether good or bad outcomes, it is a way of God expressing himself to people and warning them to repent and get forgiven so that they can be with him in eternal life. 

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