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Advancing Development Paper – Childhood

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Children undergo different stages before they finally come to be normal people whom the society can depend upon. Before becoming fully independent adults, children undergo different physical growth, moral growth, cognitive well as the spiritual growth. It is almost un-doubtable that the child personality modification will depict the treatment or the care they received during this stage of development. For this reason, it is often authentic that the parent does what they can to follow the right track since; it is most likely that the children may take this direction as they grow to become adults ( Lazarus et al., 2012). This paper majors on the children’s cognitive development and some of the issue and challenges that come with them while undergoing this kind of growth. The paper aims at three key issues. Firstly, the article will provide an overview of what cognitive development at the child hood development means. Secondly, the paper wills examines the problem that arises when the question of cognitive development is under focus. Lastly, the problems that arise at this stage will finally be put under a microscope. 

What is the cognitive childhood development? 

As a child grows physically, they also grow up stairs. At a different stage of their growth, it is often observed some behavior change especially when the child is at two to three years. The mental growth is what the scientist refers to as the cognitive development. Cognitive development means the intellectual or the mental maturation and abilities which may include the level of thinking, understanding, and reasoning in a child ( Trawick-Smith, 2013). As years role and seasons turn, so does the child mental and intellectual’s growth. The changes are acquired from the environment where the child grows and the kind of treatment they get from those who are taking care of them. The cognitive development is heavily reliant on the environment, objects, actions and many other issues which exist within the ecological niches of the child. 

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What Cognitive development issues and their improvement/ management? 

Many matters developed or occur as the child develops cognitively. These actions or issue are developed from the actions which others do or the environment where the child is raised. The first problem is the imitation. At a tender age and especially after two to three years, this stage is marked with imitation. The child tends to imitate all possible things they see the adults or other children of their age does. The imitation is one of the ways which many people and children inclusive learn. This can be informed of language or actions performed by a different child or adults. The children, as they cognitively develop engage in both immediate and delayed limitations ( Zelazo & Müller, 2010). The immediate imitations happen when a child copy what others do for instance when a parent sticks out their tongue; the child does that too. The late mimics or imitation occur when a child takes some time before imitating what the parents do. A good example in this case is when a child carries block from one position to another when they are alone. This may be an imitation of their mother or father on what they did some time, back when the child was available. One of the most important tasks the parents have is to manage this stage. It can be managed by being cautious on the kind of activities, or action one does in the presence of the kid. They should not be negative or dangerous. 

The next issue at this development stage in children is the memory. Memory is the capacity for the child to remember things and differentiate other issues. This is the ability of the child to determinate bad and good; they will have an opportunity to differentiate objects, anticipate issue, learn a language and many other matters within their environment. It is at this stage that the child learns social interactions and many other issues in their surroundings. Children memory work remarkably well at the development stage. At this stage, the children are capable of retaining information for quite a long time ( Walker et al., 2011). The science has it that children at this age can exhibit long term recall of issue before they articulate them. The best medicine for this stage is how to nature the memory and improves it to enable the child develops faster. These are inclusive of breaking big information or activities smaller to them. This will help them take in the information faster. 

What are the two possible problems during this stage? 

This stage of development is marked by many challenges that call upon the parents to be very vigilant with the children. First, this stage is marked by accidents. At this stage, the children risk injuries and accidents when they imitate and learn. For instance, the children will always be on their parents' neck when they are carrying out activities such as cooking. When not well managed, they risk being caught in fire accidents or any other accidents. This stage need management and I would recommend that the parents should not risk engaging in risky activities in the presence of the children who are at this stage ( Schady et al ., 2015). 

Secondly, the children develop sharp memory at the cognitive stage. Also, their imitation level is often high. Therefore the kind of personality the child emulates or copy as they grow will depend on the kind of character the child associate with. At this stage, it is possible for the child to develop unwanted behaviors. My recommendation is that the parent should be selective on the kind of the people or activities which the child engages in. 


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