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Alternative School Site Mini-Project #2

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Identifying The Problem/ Needs Statement

According to Dr. Clayton, the biggest problem that the Northeast academy is facing is incapability to attract students. There is very low school population because the level of enrollment is critically low. Dr. clayton reports that the average class size for the school is between 8 and 10. The neighboring school has an estimated school population of up to 2000 students. Northeast school is poorly competing with such schools as it has a population of 240 students only. The management of the school tends to be failing on promoting the school. Despite being in existence for a long time, the school is less attractive to the community and this makes it loose on popularity. The potential clients do not know much about the school. Therefore, the school need to work on its marketing and promotion strategies. The school is located in bad neighborhood and and this seems to turn families away. The structures of the school are intimidating and the teachers, despite being learned they lack motivation.

To ensure the school raises its competiveness, there is need to work on improving enrollment in the school. This would also be important in helping the school cope with the competition from the neighboring schools. Promoting the face of the school would be important to familiarize the families on what the institution offer. Coming up with way to motivate the schools and help retain them would be useful in raising the competitiveness of the school. there is need to retaining the current students and come up with strategies to promote competitiveness ( Cullen et al ., 2013) .

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The underlying problem

The underlying problem is that the management of the school has failed in its roles. There is no motivation for teachers and students in remaining in the school. the management is also failing in marketing and promotion of the school which would see to the improved enrollment to the school. There is also a problem because families fear the neighborhood in which the school is located. The programs in the school are not properly run and this makes learning to be less effective.

Possible solutions 

The management can plan on facelift for the school . This can be achieved by renovating and improving the condition of the school buildings and its structures. There is also need to improve on the situation of the offices; the principal’s office is undecorated old and empty classroom. Furnishing the offices and bring modern tools would be important in attracting the students to the school ( Berliner, & Glass 2014). 

To increase enrollment, the school can improve the relationship it is having with the neighbors, the current students, alumni and the parents. This would be necessary, as this people will refer their friends into the school. the school can consider strategic coach who will help in formulating strategies on how to improve enrollment and improve the relationship of the school and its neighbor’s. The school can consider investigate on why families are scared of the neighborhood and work with other the associated sectors to improve the situation ( Palardy, 2013) .

The school can also work on improving the enrollment by slightly reducing the fees, this would serve to attract the families that might be struggling financially. Most of the students in this academy are from poor families and reducing the fees would be of great significance to them.

The enrollment decline can also be reversed by implementation of modern technology in running the school programs, keeping and tracking record and implementing niche programs in the learning process.

There would be improved motivation among the teachers if they were instructed on providing individualized teaching. The teachers should also be facilitated on how to promote the school. providing better and modern teaching tools and devices would help in having improved morale. The best performing teachers can be picked out lead programs that suits their skills. This would serve them to be more committed to the students learning. Having a resource center and a revamped library would help the students to grow socially and interact better with the teachers. This would help to solve some of the problems that might be in existence among the teachers and students ( Hill, & Wang, 2015) .

Other means to improve teacher morale might include appreciating their work, giving them a day off and supporting them in case they are undergoing hard times. Offering guidance and support to improve their work would also motivate them. lastly, they can be given a day off and awarded when they achieve some goals ( Whitaker, Whitaker, & Lumpa, 2013) .

Evaluation of solutions 

Though the face lifting can make the school to incur major expenses on the school, it will make the school to look modern. Furnishing the offices and integrating modern devices for learning would serve to attract students to the school and make learning more efficient. If offices are left unfurnished, the parents might think there is misuse of resources in the school ( Palardy, 2013) .

Promotion of the school would help in increasing the number of students enrolling to the academy. This would increase the competitiveness of the school in the neighborhood. When the current teachers and students are utilized in promotion of the schools there would be saved costs. Hiring strategic coach or advisor might be tricky for in a public high school but it would be necessary in improving the situation of the school. The negative implication of having such an advisor would be the added cost of retaining them ( Hill, & Wang, 2015) .

Reducing the fees might have negative implication as the school might be compelled to change some of its ways of doing things it cater for the limited funding. Lastly motivating the teachers and coming up with niche programs is an effective way to promote learning. It might need good planning and funding but it is necessary in improving the situation in the school.


The project can be implemented by doing renovation to the current buildings. Funding should be sourced form stakeholders and well-wishers. The school should plan of buying modern devices for learning, and setting a resource center and a well-stocked library.

The teachers motivation should be motivated by including them in coming up with niche programs and providing them with all the necessary tools and resources. Giving those roles would mean giving them more responsibilities but this would serve to make them more committed to the school functions. Giving teachers day off would mean there are days when there will be less teacher to attend to the students ( Whitaker, Whitaker, & Lumpa, 2013). The initiatives to improve the neighborhood and how the community perceives it, would be necessary in improving the relationship of the school and the neighbors.

Evaluating success or failure of plan. 

The assessment can be done on how the parents think of the school after renovation and introduction of niche programs. the can be interviews and other assessment to see if people recognize approve the school. the enrollment can be assessed after a specified duration to see if there is success in the promotion initiates. Lastly the motivation of teachers can be evaluated through interviews and measuring their performance. The programs success would mean the stagey is yielding positivity ( Cullen Et al ., 2013) .


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