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Amazon SWOT Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

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Question Two 


It Annual prime membership program 

It is customer and user friendly. 

Large selection of products 

Amazon has owns a diverse selection of subsidiaries and websites. 


Amazon is only an online retailer. There is a growing counterfeit problem on Amazon. 

The quality of products is also questionable. 


Amazon could offer a type of payment plan to help customers pay in installments for products 

Investing in airplanes. 

Expand to physical stores. 

Implement new technology methods to limit poor quality products and counterfeit products. 


Other retailers such as Walmart offer greater discounts. 


Poor working conditions is a constant complaint about Amazon. 

Table 1: SWOT Table for Amazon 


First, the Annual prime membership is $119 which includes free two day shipping, delivery benefits, streaming benefits and shopping benefits. Secondly, the website is customer and user friendly. Customers have access to customer service representatives through e-mail, instant chat and phone Customers can return purchases easily through postal drop off services and pre-made packing slips (Mohammad, 2018). Third, it has a large selection of products makes it easy for shoppers to get practically anything on the website. The large selection is also due part to 3rd party sellers. Lastly, Amazon has owns a diverse selection of subsidiaries and websites such as Whole Foods, Audible, IMDb, Zappos and more. 

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Amazon is only an online retailer. Customers cannot physically go into stores and assess the quality of products and having an only online retailer can interfere with potential business expansions of Amazon (Farooq, 2019). Secondly, there is a growing counterfeit problem on Amazon. This can cause bad reviews on actual brands Amazon pages (Greene, 2019). Fourth, the quality of products is also questionable as there is large number of third party sellers from China and customers question the quality of the products. 


First, Amazon could offer a type of payment plan to help customers pay in installments for products. The second opportunity is investing in airplanes. By investing in Amazon Air, Amazon will not have to rely on other delivery services to deliver products and goods which then can help its growth (Feiner, 2019). Third, it can expand to physical stores. These stores can be supermarket like or focus on clothing. Fourth, Amazon can implement new technology methods to limit poor quality products and counterfeit products. 


Other retailers such as Walmart, offer greater discounts along with free two day shipping without a membership like Amazon prime (D’Onfro, 2014). Secondly, regulation is a threat to Amazon. Amazon has limited competition, and it is a cause in past big-name retailers shutting down (Lovely, 2019). Finally, poor working conditions is a constant complaint about Amazon. Workers have said they work on their feet for long periods of hours, limited breaks, and limited bathroom breaks and these workers are underpaid. 

Question Three 

Amazon should embark on effective technology to remain innovative in the market. To achieve this, the companies should remain loyal to their customers even if chances of switching to immediate competitors are high. 

Amazon should use technology to achieve the differential advantage. By this, a superb and/or superior customer service can be achieved. 

Amazon should lower their pricing to attract other new customers. This could be a perfect effort and opportunity to beat its competitors, who are innovators in this online market ( Lincoln & Andrew, 2018) . It is pre-empted that seeking to take its competitors to war is the best option because the aim is to gain market dominance. 

Question Four 

The greatest consideration in the development of Amazon’s strategic options was first the open systems model which emphasizes on the need for organizations to be flexible to adapt to changes from external influences. The second consideration was the rational goal model which emphasizes on the need for an organization to spell out its goals clearly. In a bid to achieve market control, Amazon should have its goals set right. The third consideration is the internal process model which would bring about smooth communication within the organization particularly regarding the goals and objectives and this would accelerate success. 


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