31 May 2022


Applying Klumboltz’ Theory to Jose

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The attributes shown by Jose are good for a young person searching for a job. Although he maintains a limited eye contact, he is polite and soft-spoken hence can get on well with colleagues at work. Also, Jose has a previous work experience which gives him an added advantage in the job market. Jose's optimism is also important in turning things around as he looks for a new job. According to Kumboltz (2009), several factors influence career decisions and actions. These factors are social, cultural, and economic factors. Also, Krumboltz (2009) argued that it is good to avoid planning for the future because certain unplanned events could also lead to nice careers. Thus, Krumboltz (2009) believes that career indecision among clients is desirable and sensible because it presents a client with the opportunity to optimize benefit from unplanned events. Krumboltz' theory answers Jose's problem. He is undecided about his next job and future career and needs assistance with his next job. 

The ability to manage life transitions is an essential skill for a person’s career management. Jose’s approach to his transition from high school to the job market shows how capable he is in managing his career development. Since Jose’s life is subject to the influence of unpredictable factors such as chance events, social factors, environmental factors, my role as a professional counselor is to help Jose and enable him to approach chance conditions in a positive way. According to Krumboltz (2009), people with the following personal attributes are capable of maximizing chance events thereby turning luck into opportunity. 

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The ability to persist and deal with obstacles, 

The curiosity to explore alternative learning opportunities, 

Optimism to optimize the advantages of unplanned events, and 

Flexibility to address various events and circumstances. 

Therefore, my session with Jose will involve the discussion of various ways of developing the above mentioned personal attributes of career choice and development. Also, I will advise Jose to increase effective networking, take part in on-going self-assessment, and enhance his skills through ongoing learning to open up various career opportunities. 


Krumboltz, J. D. (2009). The happenstance learning theory.  Journal of Career Assessment 17 (2), 135-154. 

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