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Architecture as the most universal art form

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Architecture is regarded as an art because of the creative process through which it is developed and produced. The architectural process usually starts with a sketch and finishes with a façade that is viewed by the public. Therefore, it is for this reason that it is regarded as a work of painting. Just like in art, architecture normally employs the use of the sensory elements in order to reinforce its design. Some of the elements include color, shape, line, light space and texture. These are elements used in order to bring out the beauty of an architectural work. Moreover, like in art work, the architects are also able to apply emotional states as well as mood properties in order to enhance the aesthetics of the building. 

However, architecture is regarded as a universal form of art because there are many things involved in architecture, but not in the normal artwork, which are meant to satisfy many needs. Architecture is regarded as a universal form of art because it is found everywhere around human beings, has huge influence on the lives of people and significantly impacts the way people express their culture. In essence, architecture is experienced and used by all people. An example of an architectural work is a house construction. 

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The two roles that an architectural work must fill include the functional duty and expression of aesthetics. Architecture work is used for aesthetical purposes including the expression of beauty and elegance of a place. House buildings, for instance, are decorated and accorded attractive finishing with the intention of showing great beauty. The second role is functional, which entails being used to satisfy the needs of people. For example, house buildings are used for provision of shelter. Architecture includes the fourth dimension of time by being developed based on the existing modern trends and fashions, while disregarding the past.

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