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Article Critique – Nonexperimental Designs

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Implicit memory involves the use of experience to perform certain actions or come up with a conclusion. In this assignment, I will use two research studies that act as examples of correlational and quasi-experimental designs to come up with certain conclusions. The two research designs, are types of non-experimental research (Paul). The analysis of the two research studies is what is known as article critique.

Correlational research involves comparing how the occurrence of an instance affects the occurrence of another while quasi-experimental research is somehow like experimental research, but the participants are not assigned conditions or in other words, there are no key ingredients (Paul). The study example of correlational research is a study about how optimism is correlated with heart problems. The study has it that optimism reduces the risk of having cardiovascular problems (Soergel, 2015). The second study example on quasi-experimental research is a study on the effects of integrated care for the elderly on informal caregivers’ satisfaction with care and support. The results were that integrated care did not affect the informal caregivers in their care for the elderly (Benjamin Janse, 2016). The research design on optimism and heart problems was very appropriate at the conclusion given, however, the second study needed some more research because some questions can be raised from the hypothesis. A question could be whether the benefits being talked about are well-grounded.

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Drawing conclusions from nonexperimental study has some limitations. One limitation is that it is very shallow as compared to drawing conclusions from experimental studies. This makes nonexperimental studies fail to give truly valuable conclusions. Another limitation is that nonexperimental studies fail to provide enough data, hence give a less convincing argument. The reason behind this is that it mainly studies cases from a single case, hence getting information from only a few instances, which might not satisfy enough (Paul).

Both studies have random samples. Random samples are groups of problems beings studied and those groups have an equal probability of being chosen or rather being studied. In the first case, they chose people between 45 and 84 years. This means that the probability of any person, between those two ages, being chosen was equally likely (Soergel, 2015). The second study did not specify on any types of elderly or caregivers that were worked on meaning that the probability of working with anyone with those qualifications was equally likely (Benjamin Janse, 2016).

The other problem noticed was that the use of nonexperimental research is dependent on certain circumstances, meaning that it cannot be used at all times. The circumstances include instances where; the variable is only one, the research question involves a noncausal relationship between variables, or even a causal relationship, but working with variables that are independent in that they cannot be manipulated to conditions, and the research question is a variable that has experience (Paul). Apart from that and the limitations mentioned above, there were no other problems noticed.

In conclusion, having mentioned the problems and limitations above does not mean that the use non-experimental research is not as important as using experimental research, or inferior in any way. It is only that the use of nonexperimental research is dependent on certain circumstances of rather the nature of the research question. We can also conclude that nonexperimental research uses implicit knowledge to come up with conclusions. This knowledge is the information known prior to the study since no experiments are performed to give the conclusions.


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