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Buffet's Mr. Fix-It: How to Invest in Distressed Companies

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From the article, one gets the opportunity to understand that Former Berkshire Hathaway Inc. official David Sokol had hard words for his former mentor, extremely independent financial expert Warren Buffett. This is the day after Mr. Sokol was informed he wouldn't continue on his administrative activity. Mr. Sokol was earlier seen as a potential successor to Mr. Buffett. However, the chance of managing the Omaha, Neb., came to the end with his renunciation in March 2011. Mr. Buffett had complimented Mr. Sokol's responsibilities to Berkshire upon the official's effort and said he didn't feel if the transfers were "in any capacity illegal." Nevertheless, weeks after his departure, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO made offensive comments about Mr. Sokol's activities, calling them "unpardonable" and "illogical" and saying they were against the organization's code of ethics. 

Mr. Buffett revealed that Mr. Sokol obtained offers in chemicals creator Lubrizol even before he designated to Mr. Buffett that Berkshire put resources into the organization. In March, Berkshire announced the $9bn (£5.6bn) loss of Lubrizol ("David Sokol: Warren Buffett's Mr. Fix-It - Aug. 2, 2010", 2017) . In the two-page explanation, Mr. Buffett said that Mr. Sokol had specified that he possessed shares in Lubrizol when he first raised the idea that Berkshire buys the organization. He included that "neither Dave nor I feel his Lubrizol values were in any capacity unlawful." Altogether, Mr. Sokol acquired about $10m of shares in Lubrizol before the obtaining by Berkshire. The stun takeoff of one of Mr. Buffett's top lieutenants is a super hit to Berkshire, which prides itself on operating a senior staff. From Berkshire's home office in Omaha, Nebraska, Mr. Buffett has turned into the world's third-wealthiest man through a blend of wise investment choices and a position to purchase charitable organizations. Mr. Sokol had been with Berkshire since 1999 when Mr. Buffett was a piece of the collection that paid $9bn for Mid-American, that Mr. Sokol was the then CEO. 

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It is paramount for one to note that the adjustments in the 12 key estimations, as perceived by the Burke and Litwin display, accomplish a movement of changes in the structure, practices and the plan of the affiliation. All the impacting components set up together impacts the motivation level of the general population in an association, which along these lines influences the general execution. 

The system that was utilized to change the organization was 12 hierarchical measurements (Broering et al., 2014) : Individual and authoritative performance, Motivation, Individual needs and values, Task and singular abilities, Work unit atmosphere, Policies, Management practices, Structure, Organizational Society, Leadership, External environment and Mission, and Policy. In organizations, value-based and transformational reliable elements are recognized in the model. Sokol is an agent that is colossally gifted from these administration aptitudes. These transformational variables were completely consolidated and supportive of one another as follows: 

1. External Environment 

At present, in the organization, it is vital to have information and knowledge of what exists inside and outside the organization, to perform an analysis in order to grow organizationally and that one can exploit and maintain themselves in the market, achieving some leadership. Below we will see a little about what is the organizational analysis, regarding the environment of the company, we will see the business environment and several important factors, and we will analyze a basic tool for the analysis of both the external and internal environment of the company. 

2. Mission and Strategy 

Imagine a navigator coming to new lands. The first thing he sees when he sets foot on the earth will be his vision of unexplored territory. This will help one to define the actions to follow. His vision can be "a fertile land, rich in fruits and vegetables" or on the contrary, his vision may be "a long beach, with crystal clear water." Depending on the experience and the preliminary intention of the traveler, it will be his vision of the environment. After defining "what is relevant in my environment, for my business" corresponds to write "what will be the mission what my company will perform in this environment". For example, the traveler who discovers fertile soil and fruits, will have as a mission "to cultivate and extract the best fruits of the area, to export it to my native land", while the traveler who discovers beaches and crystal clear water will define as Mission of his company the "Build comfortable cabins by the sea, to attract tourism to this area. 

3. Authority 

Authority is the ability of a leader to influence his work team and get them to voluntarily develop their work under the parameters (mission and vision) that are pointed out. Authority and leadership do not impose themselves, they win (Jen-Chia, 2012) . They are the result of the qualities, capabilities and the values as a leader. The authority is built in the day to day running of the company and is strengthened in times of crisis. As pointed out, authority is the quality of a leader to positively influence their workers. In this way, one can build a motivated and consistent work team, long lasting in time and with few desertions. In the other path of authority is power, which is the ability to force or coerce someone to obey, but would rather not. Power should only be used on sporadic occasions in order to deal with critical situations in the business. 

4. Association Culture 

The corporate culture has been influenced by emotions, which often interfere with the negotiating table. Socially, it is expected that certain bonds of friendship and exchange of favors will be established, both in the public and private spheres. Building a strong personal relationship will be very important for closing deals and also for building a lasting partnership. 

5. Structure and plan 

For the preparation of a business plan there is no standard structure or format that is used for all plans equally, but one must adopt the structure that best suits the type of business and the needs or objectives of its Plan, either to serve as an implementation guide, to know the viability of a business, to obtain financing and so forth. For example, if the main objective of a business plan is to obtain a loan, the plan should have well-founded arguments and sufficient information to convince the viability of the project and that one will be able to repay the debt in a timely manner, although it may overlook some parts of the market study or technical study to give greater emphasis to financial study. 

6. Work Unit Climate 

The general atmosphere that workers perform their activities is a prerequisite for success. There ought to be a professional climate that encourages work ethics to be observed. Creating a healthy and attractive work unit climate is a necessity to ensure that the top workers remain in an institution. 

7. Individual Skills/Abilities and Assignment Requirements 

Personal skills are aspects that can stand out when looking for a job, also as a good strategy to grow a business. Skills are essential to achieving goals in life.They are the technical, psychological and social skills that an individual has in order to be able to carry out a successful job either in the professional field or in private life. Examples of personal skills that lead to individual and professional success are honesty and commitment. Technical skill is the knowledge that has been acquired through professional training, as well as learning through different experiences and self-taught knowledge. There are cases in which some people do not possess a professional title but if enough experience leads them to handle certain processes with great skill and authority (Jen-Chia, 2012)

8. Needs and Values 

The mission should always align to the objective of the company. However, when the mission is very broad, it may include two or three concurrent "Main Goals". It is important not to confuse Objectives and Goals. While the goal generally does not include deadlines, Goals do include a specific deadline. For example, for a 200-meter obstacle runner, the goal can be to "Ride 200 meters in the best possible time, without putting obstacles". The goal, however, for the runner, will be "to travel those 200mts in just 1 minute". 

9. Representative Motivation 

Everyone knows that a motivated person is able to overcome their dissatisfaction, their fears, their anxiety and their laziness and therefore will be able to achieve their goals. Motivation is the main tool that can all develop, it is not something innate, not genetic. 


Broering, J., Paciorek, A., Carroll, P., Wilson, L., Litwin, M., & Miaskowski, C. (2014). Data quality with mixed-mode administration of the short form-36.  Value In Health 17 (3), A198. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jval.2014.03.1154 

David Sokol: Warren Buffett's Mr. Fix-It - Aug. 2, 2010 . (2017).  Money.cnn.com . Retrieved 5 March 2017, from http://money.cnn.com/2010/07/29/news/companies/buffets_mr_fixit_full.fortune/index.htm 

Jen-Chia,. (2012). Factors that may mediate the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational innovation.  AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 6 (3). http://dx.doi.org/10.5897/ajbm11.1719 

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