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Business/Government News Story and Broadcast Script

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After going through a prostate cancer diagnosis and going through the tough and the many emotions that come with the outcome, the decision on the course of treatment can be devastating. It is even discouraging when you are left to make the right choice in a very delicate situation. The decision to make should have to cause the least harm and achieve the best benefit. It has been the experience of many in medication and the general life, but people tend to shy away from things that they are not familiar. This news story to be publiahed in the local newspaper as well aired in the local radio station will attempt to shed light on the on going debate about the use of robotic surgery in prostrate cancer.

As compared to the subject of prostate cancer treatment, occasionally a technology that is robotic is misunderstood as one of the unusual things. So it is the work and highest responsibility of the people who studies robotic surgery to provide information and discard the unnecessary information that seems to scare patients when it comes to robotic surgery (Ramin, 2017). The patients who feel comfortable and confident with the robotic surgery should be given proper information as a practical possibility for prostate cancer management.

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The first critical approach to this conversation is to understand that the robotic surgery is implemented in a wide range of medicinal fields. The robotic surgery is applied in prostate, bladder and kidney surgery as well as to cardiac, nose, ear and throat surgeries. Moreover, the robotic surgery is not in the experiment of treatment modality but has been used in drug administration as well as both in the long term and short term clinical training. 

Another important clarification is that the robotic surgery does not make the surgeon who use the technology to be outmoded. In fact, the finest robotic surgery outcomes come from those specialists with the excellent skills highly trained and deeply experienced in the use of robots for the routine of prostate cancer surgery. The research outlines that with the increase in training, skills and experience will reduce the risk of surgical obstacles. For the greater possibility of curative prostate cancer treatment, while observing the well-being of the patient’s life, the robotic surgery should be performed by highly skilled surgeons in centers where there is support of highly procedural robotic platforms (Providence Medical Group, 2015). 

The Robotic surgery is the most perfect and the best way to surgical treatment of prostate cancer due to its superior efficiency in tissue examination. Due to the accuracy of the robotic instruments used in the procedures, the surgeon is given enhanced ability to navigate and be able to create very precise dissections around the delicate nerves, without wounding the patient. The preservation of these nerves gives the patient and added advantage to maintain both their sexual function and bladder evading incontinence (Providence Medical Group, 2015).

The government has pledged funds to assist in the robotic surgery technology and utilize the modern technology to upgrade the health standards in the country. The funds from the government will be very helpful as they will lower the cost of the surgery procedure incurred by the patient. However, the robotic systems are highly technical, and the physicians who perform the surgery need excessive training and skills. The surgery is only found in the robotic centers. Thus the patients require traveling to the centers (Ramin, 2017). The effects are adverse although not common; if they occur, they are very robust and include possible blood clot and infections.


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Providence Medical Group. (2015, 30 July). Laparoscopic and robotic surgery: What’s the difference? Providence Health & Services. Retrieved from http://www.providence.org/blog/2015/07/surgery.

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