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Can the Intervention of Bullying at the Workplace be Effective for Prevention of Anxiety?

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Workplace bullying, in the recent years, has been an area of major concern in the US and has thus been studied worldwide for effective intervention to counter it. With the emergence of technology, there are higher rates of bullying than in the past and this has exposed more employees to bullying and its effects have been evident in the reduced employee satisfaction at their place of work (bullyonline.org, n.p). 

Bullying is considered as one of the major workplace stressors and is associated with adverse consequences for individual employees, the whole staff, and the organization. Studies have established that those employees who have ever been bullied tend to exhibit lower levels of job satisfaction and increased rates of anxiety and depression (Glambek, Skogstad & EINARSEN, 2015). Further, these employees have also been shown to be more likely to leave their place of work. The organization, on the other hand, is at risk of facing increased skill depletion and higher rates of absenteeism thus resulting in massive loss of profits. It is however not yet clear to what extent these types of risks can be effectively addressed via interventions to prevent bullying. 

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Despite the fact that workplace bullying has become the critical area of concern, it has continued to be overlooked in various researches and the prevention programming. According to Hershcovis, Reich & Niven, (2015), due to its greater impact on the overall performance of the employees and organization, it has significantly gained attention internationally. Researchers have begun to focus on workplace bullying as an area of business concern with the aim of coming up with a suitable intervention to help address employees’ anxiety. the theory of oppressed group behavior would be applicable to guide the study and it holds that one group tend to exert power over another group thus causing the oppressed group to act in a negative way towards or even bully other people within the same oppressed groups. The current study focuses on whether the interventions of workplace bullying can be effective for the prevention of anxiety which ultimately results in increased job satisfaction. 

Goals and Objectives 

The primary objective of the research is to address the following question: Can the intervention of bullying in the workplace be effective for prevention of anxiety thus increase job satisfaction? 


In order generate data for the study and respond to the research question, the study will be confined to one of the retail supermarket stores in the US. The sample size will be comprised of employees at the retail store of ages between 20 to 40 years. Due to the issue of both time and financial constraints, the study will only focus on 20 employees and will take approximately one hour to gather information. 


The major limitation of the study is the level of honesty of the participants in responding to the questionnaire question. Studies have established that there are cases where participants might give wrong answers to the question as influenced by various factors and this will ultimately affect the quality and objectivity of the study. Honesty among participants is paramount and they should be encouraged to be sincere when responding to the questionnaire. 


During the data collection process, the researcher will make an assumption that the participants will respond and answer the questions in the questionnaire with utmost honesty to the best of their ability. This would be important to enhance the study’s objectivity and reliability when generalizing the outcome to the whole population. 

Operational Definitions 

Independent variables are the intervention of bullying and anxiety. Bullying can simply be defined as the intentional and continuous aggressive acts that can be verbal, physical or relational. Anxiety is a mental disorder defined by the feelings of intense worry and fear to an extent that it interferes with the day-to-day activities of an individual (Hershcovis, Reich & Niven, 2015). A dependent variable is the job satisfaction which describes how contented an employee is with his job. 

Study Design 

The study design used to determine whether the intervention of bullying at the workplace can be effective for the prevention of anxiety thus increasing job satisfaction would be cross-sectional, descriptive correlational design. Using this design, the study will use questionnaire survey to collect information concerning employee bullying experiences at their workplace at a particular time (cross-sectional). Based on the fact that the relationship between bullying, anxiety and employee job satisfaction will be studied and illustrate, the research is thus a descriptive correlation. 


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Glambek, M., Skogstad, A., & EINARSEN, S. (2015). Take it or leave: a five-year prospective study of workplace bullying and indicators of expulsion in working life. Industrial health , 2014-0195. 

Hershcovis, M. S., Reich, T. C., & Niven, K. (2015). Workplace bullying: causes, consequences, and intervention strategies. 

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