Free Anxiety Essays: How to Write & Examples

Creating an essay about anxiety is a popular task for high-schoolers and college students. Teachers often challenge their pupils with similar explorative pieces. Writing a competent, well-researched essay on anxiety is a time-consuming process. Time is one thing every student can’t spare. On this site, every student can freely download any text sample of various sizes and subjects. Proposed examples written by former students demonstrate creative approaches to such assignments. Elevate personal writing skills through copying available free paper samples.

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17 Sep 2023

Discovering Your Fears and Anxiety about Research

Based on the levels of anxiety survey, I found that I have a level-2 anxiety which is between the low (1) and moderate (3). The reason why I find that I have the level-2 anxiety level is because I rarely feel anxious...

Words: 295

Pages: 1

Views: 57

Anxiety Disorders: Types, Causes, and Treatments

Anxiety refers to the body and mind reaction to dangerous, stressful or unusual circumstances. The reaction is characterized by feelings of tension, worry, and increased blood pressure. Anxiety is normal, however,...

Words: 339

Pages: 1

Views: 113

Assessing Clients with Anxiety Disorders

At one point in life, everyone experience anxiety. Someone might feel nervous before taking a driving test, exam, or a job interview, and so on. But, the above-stated form of anxiety last for a short time and usually...

Words: 972

Pages: 2

Views: 121

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How Anxiety Disorders Are Diagnosed

Differential Diagnosis H.G. is definitely suffering from an anxiety disorder. The anxiety syndrome narrows the diagnosis down to the many anxiety disorders. A differential diagnosis narrows the situation down to...

Words: 303

Pages: 1

Views: 97

The Effects of Reiki on Anxiety Disorder

Reiki is a healing approach that focuses on energy healing for a holistic treatment both on the spirit, mind, and body. Reiki entails a relaxation treatment in which natural healing vibrations move through the hand...

Words: 595

Pages: 2

Views: 76

Anxiety Disorders: Types, Causes, and Treatments

Summary of Case Adam is a 21-year-old male college student who presents with chief complains of inability to attend class and to leave his dorm room. He reports that these problems started when he was a freshman...

Words: 393

Pages: 1

Views: 100

Depression and Anxiety: What You Need to Know

There are different types of depression disorders whose level of treatment varies with the extent of severity. Some of these disorders include Dysthymic disorder, Melancholic depression, seasonal affective disorder,...

Words: 954

Pages: 3

Views: 63

16 Sep 2023

Depression and Anxiety: What You Need to Know

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) provides that approximately 17.3 million adults in the United States have suffered a major depression (NIMH, 2019). This constituted 7.1% of the entire US population...

Words: 3171

Pages: 13

Views: 48

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16 Sep 2023

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Generalized Anxiety disorder is a condition that is characteristic of chronic and persistent worry which is multifocal. The disease is associated with concerns on the internal and external events which are...

Words: 2397

Pages: 10

Views: 176

16 Sep 2023

Anxiety in Children: Causes and Treatment

For children, anxiety makes small or simple worries to excessively blow up into big bewilderment and fear. It becomes frightening and intimidating to them. It then triggers the flight, freeze or fight reactions. The...

Words: 1685

Pages: 6

Views: 48


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is an Anxiety Essay

The definition of essay on anxiety specifies it as a written work exploring this mental issue in detail. In such academic texts, students show immense writing and analytical skills. Writers heavily engage critical thinking and data-mining abilities. 

Articles of this type can vary in size and structure depending on the topic and author’s approach. All requirements should be provided by mentors. If no such data is available, it’s advised to use the proposed text samples below as templates. Presented pieces were donated by other students. Each paper presents a unique look at this issue. Follow their structure and contents closely, so the final piece will comply with all requirements.

College Essays About Anxiety

Writing college essays on anxiety has many positive effects on students' skills and abilities. This written assignment allows for swift improvement in these areas:

  • Structuring

Each article must be properly structured to either deliver a message or convince readers. Students polish planning skills with each written paper.

  • Narration

Writing about anxiety for college essay requires strong narrative engineering. Such assignments swiftly improve this skill.

  • Data analysis

Work with multiple data sources to find credible information. It’s an additional layer of complexity brought with this task. Our analytical essay examples will show how to do it.

  • Argumentation

Presentation of research materials on anxiety in college students essay is crucial. Essay writing enhances this skill allowing for well-developed argumentation.

  • Summarizing

Students learn to keep ideas short and condensed. Squeezing useful data into short sentences is an additional positive effect.

College Anxiety Essay Examples for Students

Every sample of anxiety essay on this website is published to help young authors with task completion. Texts show unique approaches to problem-solving, data analysis, and argumentation. The range of paper types varies from a reflective essay on anxiety to a personal essay on anxiety. We have a vast range of personal essay examples in our database. Samples of any anxiety definition essay or narrative essay about anxiety are represented equally well. Here are the major benefits of the proposed paper examples:

  • Advanced vocabulary

Subject-specific wording as well as appropriate terminology is used. Examine the correct use of scientific vocabulary and learn new words. Implement new vocables in unique, custom academic pieces.

  • Strong reasoning

Argumentation uses research material to its fullest. An in-depth study was conducted before the writing exploring every aspect of this issue. The reasoning is kept short yet informative. 

  • Developed structure

Each text is written based on a well-thought-out outline. Competent structuring allows for smooth transitioning and comprehensible narration.

  • Regulation compliance

Proposed texts were created according to all requirements from the authors’ institutions. Following them closely yields academically correct articles.

Anxiety Argumentative Essay

Anxiety argumentative essay pieces require conducting in-depth prior research. These articles heavily rely on solid data and trustworthy sources. Argumentative papers task students with exploring one aspect of panic disorder. Authors study various data sources, analyze information, and present reasoning. It’s advised to read multiple sample articles for a complete comprehension of this task.

Argumentative essay topics about anxiety often describe the reasons or effects of this disorder. Almost all argumentative essay topics on anxiety suggest research and subject study. For additional explanation of this article type, read the proposed text samples. Each text showcases a unique approach to argumentation and data presentation. Try extracting useful wording, reasoning, and narration tactics. Use them further in custom-written pieces.

Anxiety Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay about anxiety must convince readers of something. This one goal defines contents and overall text direction. Students should demonstrate abilities to convey a message and prove a point. Each author selects a custom approach to tackling this task.

The most frequent “species” from persuasive pieces is a 500 word essay on anxiety. The education system is convinced that this size is enough for completion. Students often have trouble squeezing ideas into such small volumes.

Explore different ways to write persuasive articles from freely available text examples. Proposed papers cover various persuasive essay topics on anxiety. Demonstrated methods of convincing should be analyzed and copied. It’ll provide a noticeable improvement in students’ writing skills and final grades.

Anxiety Informative Essay

Informative essay on anxiety, despite being similar to an argumentative one, differs in certain ways. Informative pieces have the opposite purpose – they simply provide information. Students should treat them like ordinary research papers. Conduct research and present findings – that’s all.

Even such simple articles require immense writing skills from students. Young authors must not only study materials diligently but develop a custom way of data presentation. All facts, numbers, and statistics must be showcased in a clear, concise way. An informative essay about anxiety is a serious study exploring a given disorder from various perspectives.

Study available paper samples before writing. They’ll provide an extensive explanation of task peculiarities as well as suggest useful wording. Informative writing examples demonstrate perfect data-presentation and narration pacing alongside developed structuring. Try copying these elements.

Anxiety Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay about anxiety focuses on characterizing certain elements of this disorder. Students may be asked to describe the feelings and emotional state of people suffering from an issue. Similar articles do have comparable structure to previous article types yet the contents are different.

For task completion, students must also conduct research targeting details as well as issue holders' feelings. Such academic pieces retain a scientific approach with appropriate wording. Creating a descriptive essay on anxiety tests the author's abilities of critical and analytical thinking.

Look at the proposed paper samples below for guidance. Donated by smart students, every descriptive essay example proposes fresh ways of tackling this written task. Explore text structuring, narration techniques, and description methods. Try implementing these elements into personal, custom description-oriented articles.

Anxiety Essay Outline

Creation of a detailed outline of anxiety essay is an unskippable step in the writing process. Competent, well-engineered structuring allows for enhanced narration, better pacing, and smoother transition. It improves overall text readability and creates a steady foundation for further reasoning. Here’s a sample for a better understanding.

Example of anxiety essay outline


  • Short info – anxiety definition 
  • Its effect on people, positive or negative
  • Problem prevalence among humans
  • Thesis statement
  • Optional personal opinion

Body paragraphs

  • Negative effect #1
  • Proofs and supportive data
  • Negative effect #2
  • More information
  • Repeat if necessary
  • Are there positive sides to it?


  • Repeat problem importance
  • Short reminder of negative health effects
  • Rephrased thesis statement
  • Possible solutions discussion

Anxiety Essay Introduction

Get fresh ideas and inspiration from a perfect anxiety essay introduction example below. The first paragraph of any scholarly piece must hook attention and interest readers in the subject. Authors must provide all necessary information without compromising on readability or engagement.

An introduction must follow a previously created outline. Keep it short, on-point. You must interest your audience and make them care and invested. Give scary facts or shocking numbers – hook them up. Competent intro prepares readers for further information infusion making them receptive to it.

The proposed free intro sample demonstrates a simple and effective way to start an article. Extract useful tips and methods from it. Try implementing them in custom-written pieces for a substantial boost in quality and paper engagement.

Introduction for essay about anxiety example

Research shows that there are many children suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is a state of being whereby the victim becomes restless and is often easily irritated. The individual child is uncomfortable and can wander far and wide in pursuit of a relatively stable life (Floress282). Therefore, the child suffering from anxiety is exposed to more risks associated with peer pressure as a result of their mental and psychological instability. The children show the physical symptoms of anxiety including stomach aches, increased heartbeat rates and shortness of breath among others. In fact, some of them go a long way to think negatively about themselves. For instance, they consider themselves weird, weak in character, and at times crazy. Consequently, this research on childhood anxiety was done to investigate and find more understanding on anxiety among children (Zarafshan 5). This paper discusses childhood anxiety; findings and recommendations to curb the problem.

Anxiety Essay Thesis Statement

Central place in the introductory paragraph is occupied by a thesis statement about anxiety. This sentence serves various purposes depending on the author's desire. Creating an anxiety thesis statement can be simplified by following existing, high-scoring examples. One of such samples is presented below. Written by another scholar, it presents a creative look at such important sentences.

Examine it carefully and diligently. Look at wording, sentence construction, info, and hidden message underneath. Try copying it indirectly slowly shifting towards unique pieces. Polish skills by reusing and repurposing existing samples. After some trial and error, you’ll create custom thesis statements from scratch in no time!

Anxiety Essay Body Paragraph

Article’s central section can consist of one short paragraph about anxiety or multiple. The size and number of paragraphs depend on your article’s size limitation and structure. This section holds all practical information and provides arguments and explanations. A body part is the main course occupying the largest space.

Information and its presentation are adjusted accordingly to text direction and title. A creative central section must follow an outline and present data clearly in a comprehensible way. Study proposed example below. It proposes a fresh look at argumentation, description, and conveying a message. Examine it for clues, tips, and helpful advice. Try writing a custom paragraph similar to this sample. This way you’ll end up with strongly structured paragraphs in compliance with rules or regulations.

Narrative paragraph about anxiety example

The children who suffer from anxiety experience diverse and often distressing body sensations. These sensations are often referred to by the term “alarm reactions.” They include one experiencing a faster heartbeat and breathing rates (Floress 288). An individual experiences the same feelings as an individual ready to run away from danger. The ‘alarm reactions’ are the main reasons why children with anxiety can easily get into danger. For instance, if they are not under close watch, they can fall into fires, break their limbs or injure themselves by jumping high grounds like cliffs or scare others to danger.

Anxiety Essay Conclusion

Short conclusion for anxiety essay occupies the final chapter. Authors should summarize all previously mentioned data reminding the main subject and its importance there. A text summary takes up less space than an introduction yet resembles it in contents. A conclusive paragraph also includes the main topic and thesis statement but rephrased ones.

Authors must create an informative finale answering all questions from before. After reading, the audience must be left with food for thought. An impressive summary is what really finalizes an entire article and earns good grades. Teachers assign scores after complete reading, so don’t blow it with small, uninformative conclusions.

Below you see a good sample. Use it as guidance and template for custom, unique scholarly piece conclusions.

Conclusion paragraph for essay about anxiety example

There are many children living with anxiety all around the world. The children who are victims of anxiety suffer many health threats and are in need of urgent interventions (Zarafshan 2). For instance, they perceive and define themselves negatively. When this continues for long, the young people become highly incapable of transacting anything pertaining to their lives.

How to Write an Anxiety Essay

We’ve created a complete guide to anxiety writing papers. Use it to improve the speed and quality of writing a perfect text content or argumentation. Here’s what writing an anxiety essay consists of:

  • Topic selection

Perfect writing starts with choosing a text subject. If it’s allowed, create a custom topic that interests you. Quality of argumentation and reasoning comes from the author's engagement in the subject.

  • Idea brainstorming

Before paper writing about anxiety, throw all ideas on the table. Write anything that comes to your mind. The free flow of thoughts helps navigate through ideas better.

  • Outline creation

Following the proposed outline, create a custom text structure. Approach it with attention to detail and diligence. Use previously written ideas as structural elements.

  • Draft writing

Write the first version closely following the outline. If necessary, create multiple drafts to combine them later into one coherent article.

  • Outside opinion

Always ask for the opinions of other people. Additional feedback helps with maintaining stable, comprehensible narration. Make adjustments if needed.

  • Editing till perfection

Spend time on proofreading eliminating spelling or grammar errors and repetitions. Polish transitioning and argumentation. Pay attention to correct wording as well as terminology.

  • Plagiarism checker

Submitted articles must show a high percentage of original content. Use popular online tools to see areas that require rewriting.

To get fresh and new ideas for your writing, always look through other articles from the same field. In our case, study other psychology papers.

Brilliant Anxiety Essay Topics

Titles for anxiety essays vary from simple discussions of negative effects to in-depth studies of biological reasons. Anxiety essay titles suggested by teachers offer average variability and no creative freedom. The perfect way out of this is to create a unique, custom paper title. It must interest readers grabbing attention at the first glance. Engaging writing starts with topic selection. Here are interesting essay titles about anxiety:

  1. Panic disorder as an inherited treat anyone can get.
  2. Wide variety of this issue’s effects on people’s lives.
  3. Psychology behind treating such conditions.
  4. How can parents help an anxious teenager in their house?
  5. Prove that reasons for this mental issue have not been yet clarified.
  6. Treatment methods for seriously neglected situations.
  7. Behavior of kids or teenagers – first signs of GAD.
  8. Children and their way of coping with anxious feelings.
  9. How do doctors proceed with effective treatment?
  10. Discuss the victim's feelings together with their mental state in such conditions.

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FAQ About Anxiety Essay

1. How to start an essay about anxiety?

The best way to begin a short essay on anxiety is by stating its topic. Next – add some background data covering the basic audience’s needs. Keep it short, informative, and always on point. First sentences must hook the reader's attention and engage in reading further. Adding shocking facts or terrifying numbers does help.

2. How do you describe anxiety in an essay?

Authors of essays on anxiety come up with unique description methods. Specific wording and terminology must be used in order to correctly portray this issue. Look at the proposed paper samples for a deeper understanding. Examine how other students have tackled this uneasy task of describing panic disorders without compromising readability and informational value.

3. What are the causes of anxiety essay?

Students rarely write an overcoming anxiety essay. A more popular topic is discussing the main causes of panic disorders. Such pieces require prior research and severe data management. Students must read multiple publications or journals to uncover major reasons for such mental issues. Then, present the findings in a comprehensible fashion.

4. Can I submit one of your anxiety essays?

All proposed free essays about anxiety were donated by other students. These works were previously submitted and graded. Uploading them will result in a high plagiarism percentage and an inability to score anything. Teachers always check all submitted papers for originality. This gamble will be uncovered without even reading.


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