17 May 2022


Celebrate June as Immigrant Heritage Month

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The video “ Celebrate June as Immigrant Heritage Month ” posted by I Am an Immigrant is a poetic piece calling for the masses in celebration of June as an immigration heritage month. The narrator reminds the viewers that all the non-native Americans made a long journey across the ocean, over the mountains, down the valleys, and across rivers in search of a better life. The scene that most impacted me and attracted my attention is when the narrator says that (0.06 seconds) “together we came” “by horse and by wagons. chasing the sunset,” “we came by steam” (YouTube, 2014). The immigration to many signifies the burning desire to move from motherlands to a new land in chase of a better life. The narrator is implying that the immigrants came from different parts of the world, through different means, including oceans, seas, land, and trains. This immigration signifies a diverse group of human race coming from all directions of the globe on foot, on horses, and wagons. The videos remind the viewers of the rich history of cultural diversity even in the beginning, from the early days when people used their foot to travel, through to the trains travel and the modern air travel that have signified immigration into America.

In some way, this video changes my mind about immigration stereotypes. There is this stereotype that immigrants come to America to steal the best jobs from US citizens and to engage in crime and violence. According to this short video, immigrants significantly contributed towards building the nation, the contributed towards creating these jobs even before the new generation emerged, and as a result, they also deserve to share the piece of cake. The video is a justification that immigrants are not just here for taking away the good in America, they are here for a good course, and they help build America.

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I Am an Immigrant. (2019). Celebrate June as Immigrant Heritage Month. Accessed 5th March 2020 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtgdkKWPtoE&feature=emb_logo

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