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Are you looking for an essay about immigration and not finding any luck? We do have lots of free essays on immigration to offer then. They were donated to us by other students. That is why they are academic, creative, and professionally written. We vouch for their high quality and you will definitely enjoy them. So in case you need excellent samples, then it’s your perfect place. Use this website and read our guide!

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17 Sep 2023

Immigrants’ Economic Integration In Host Societies

Residents of developing nations often use both legal and illegal means to gain access into developed nations. The move is often motivated by the promise of access to a better economy, education, jobs among others....

Words: 1507

Pages: 4

Views: 132

17 Sep 2023

Immigration Solicitors: US Visas, Appeals & Applications

Immigration affects adults and children as well. Children under the age of 18 years have been seen moving on their own towards the border. In 2015, for instance, there was a story of eight minors who were heading to...

Words: 554

Pages: 2

Views: 124

17 Sep 2023

Should U.S. immigration be limited?

Should U.S. immigration be limited? Q. 1 Illegal immigration into the US has become a thorny and emotive issue that has sparked long-term political, socio-cultural and economic debate in the recent times. A review...

Words: 588

Pages: 2

Views: 409

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The Chinese immigrants in the United Kingdom

Chinese immigrants arrived in America in trickling numbers in the 1820s, and their numbers summed to 650 by 1849. However, the immigration rate took a sharp rise during the gold rush fever since, like many other...

Words: 848

Pages: 3

Views: 90

17 Sep 2023

Political Ideologies: Immigration Student Replies

Response 1 I agree with you that Republicans and Democrats have different ideologies on how the immigrants should be treated. The Republicans hold the view that immigration poses a security threat to America. To...

Words: 333

Pages: 1

Views: 353

17 Sep 2023

Domestic Violence and Immigrant Women: Community Analysis

Domestic violence has been identified as taking place in a quarter of all marriages. Gendered power relations are reproduced and even worsened during migration, which makes more women vulnerable to different forms of...

Words: 1188

Pages: 4

Views: 442

Immigration: The Biggest Issue Currently Affecting the United States

The biggest issue currently affecting the United States is Immigration. Immigration is one of the basic building blocks that make America a unique country. The contention over border security as well as immigration...

Words: 555

Pages: 2

Views: 55

17 Sep 2023

Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States

Human beings are very social and how they interact with each other varies drastically. While other communities may be living in mutual understanding, others may be living in battlefields. Moreover, some parts of the...

Words: 3051

Pages: 10

Views: 248

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The Plight of Illegal Immigration in the US

The United States of America has been believed to be the land of milk and honey for most of the individuals from the other countries, and especially the third world countries such as those in Latin America. Each...

Words: 2462

Pages: 8

Views: 250

17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

How Gangs and Immigration are Linked

A gang is composed of a group of members with a defined leadership and normally engage in criminal activities. The Emergence of gangs in America is evident in the four main gang regions because of immigration....

Words: 322

Pages: 1

Views: 143


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is an Immigration Essay

Let us perhaps start with the overall definition of essay on immigration. What even is this?

It is an article that discusses refugee or asylum seekers, those people wanting to move to other countries, or those needing residence. There are many different perspectives one can take on this topic. Students can discuss citizens who are displaced because of a certain purpose. 

It is possible to talk about asylum seekers who had to flee their country because of political opinion, gender common nationality, sexual orientation, or simply because they were prosecuted. 

For example, the United States usually offers different ways that a person can use and become a citizen. Some people seek refugee status and file for asylum, either affirmative or defensive. Others can do it for getting a work permit. There are also different kinds of visas including work and talent ones. 

However, choose one issue you want to discuss as you might only have five paragraphs to do so. 

High School Immigration Essay

Before we get to other things, let’s talk more about an immigration essay for high school. This topic is especially relevant in school because it provides you with lots of opportunities for research and helps you develop arguments. Students should also know that it is rather controversial. So, everything you say must be supported by evidence. Here are several steps one can take to succeed.

  1. Find some creative immigration essays samples.
  2. Find a topic that you might have discussed during your class or something you were personally interested in.
  3. Remember that high school articles might be short. So, stick with a narrow topic.
  4. Study and create body paragraphs.
  5. If you want a high-quality article, make an outline.
  6. Never skip such steps as editing and proofreading.

We think that you know this, but keep in mind that a normal article must have one introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion. Good luck!

College Essays About Immigration

We are not leaving you without some excellent immigration college essay examples. That is why we want to give you a more detailed guide before you actually check samples. 

  1. Look at any sample of immigration essay available here.
  2. Think about the perspective you would like to take on this topic.
  3. Choose a topic, preferably one that is narrow enough. So, you can discuss a subject matter without exceeding word count.
  4. Do proper study. It might be the most time-consuming part of all, yet worthy in the end.
  5. Make an outline. Many students miss this step, but it is an important one for sure.
  6. Start drafting main body paragraphs.
  7. When finished with the main body, start the introduction.
  8. Finish conclusion.
  9. Cite all used resources if you haven't already.
  10. Finish the article by editing, spell-checking, and proofreading.
  11. All done! 

Positive and Negative Effects of Immigration Essay

Believe it or not, you might also want to write the negative effects of immigration essay. Yes, there are some. Sadly, this topic is not all about rainbows and sunshine as everyone hopes it is. 

Of course, there are also positive effects of immigration essay. 

You might want to combine both premises all at once to make sure you have lots of stuff to write about. Besides, it will allow you to consider both sides of the argument without offending anyone and considering all points of view.



  • People can find their new life.
  • It may cause cultural conflicts.
  • A new country often means new opportunities.
  • The expenses and hardships are required for the process.
  • There are higher chances of a flexible labor market.
  • Threats are increasing to national security.
  • There's a chance for increased cultural diversity.
  • It causes over-population.
  • It has an opportunity to get skilled workers.
  • There are possible issues for native workers with lower skill sets.

To get some inspiration, read our examples such as refugee essay, cultural identity essay, and overpopulation essay.

Good Immigration Essay Examples From Easy to Unique

We finally can get to immigration essays examples. We want to highlight once more that they were donated to us by other students. This means that every single article you see was already submitted and graded by the professor. We are sure that these articles work and they will inspire you greatly when you craft your own paper.

All short essay immigration essay examples have a very simple structure. Look at it below:

  • Introduction 
  • Main body (3 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion.

That is the first thing one should definitely remember. Moreover, all samples that you find here are free and limitless. Therefore, download them in pdf format and use them as much as you’d like. So don’t worry about other stuff you must do. Start with samples!

Immigration Argumentative Essay Examples

Here you will find free argumentative essays examples on immigration. But before we get to an argumentative essay about immigration pdf, you probably need to know more about this type of article. 

Argumentative papers are rather self-explanatory. You must choose an argument you want to defend and prove it using academic writing. When it comes to this topic one can argue. For example, asylum policies in the United States have been changed greatly after the Trump administration. 

There is more than one sample argumentative essay pdf students can take when writing on immigration. We also would like you to know that these topics and perspectives might not be favored by everyone. So you must prepare to defend your case and prove it using evidence. To make your argument stronger, include the following things in your article:

  • Academic sources
  • Statistics
  • Citations
  • Data
  • Newspaper.

Immigration Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays on immigration are very similar to argumentative ones. Here you also must select your point of view and perspective you would like to develop further.

For instance, here try to convince or persuade your readers that terrorism is not linked with refugees or asylum-seekers. Not everyone agrees with this perspective on the topic. Especially this will be touchy for Republicans who vote against helping immigration policies. That is why each point you’re making must be attributed to scholarly sources. 

A persuasive essay example about immigration is an excellent opportunity to practice argumentation and academic rating in general. You’ll find that there are lots of different journals and resources available. Your job is to structure your paper correctly and effectively. 

Immigration Essay Outline

Are you looking for an outline about immigration? We happen to have one just for you. Remember that outline is now made from full sentences. It should be short.

Outline for essay about immigration


  • Hook: find statistics on this topic or use a quotation about it.
  • Background: talk more about its origin.
  • Thesis statement: a quick rundown of one's argument and points that will be mentioned in body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs

  • Introductory sentence: state the main point of this paragraph.
  • Evidence: use scholarly sources to prove that one has grounds for this argument and point.
  • Explanation: balance evidence with your own written words.
  • Concluding or transitional sentence: if needed, it should lead to one's next paragraph.


  • Thesis using different words
  • Summary of one's main points
  • Closing statement: what do you want your readers to remember last about this topic and article?

Use it as your guide towards success!

Immigration Essay Introduction

We mentioned the structure. Thus, let us start with an introduction to immigration essay. It is usually the first part readers see. Therefore, it is an excellent way to make a first impression. The introduction includes the following elements:

  • Hook: it can be a quote, data, statistics, or even a rhetorical question about one’s topic.
  • Some basic information: for instance, define asylum if you’re researching it.
  • Thesis: main argument and at least three points that will be discussed in the main body.

If you have this structure, then you will definitely succeed with your introduction. However, keep in mind that one should definitely write an introduction after you have drafted the main body. It will make the overall process quicker, easier, and less time-consuming. However, the thesis should be written first. 

Immigration introduction paragraph example

Many countries around the world are having growing population. This population is becoming unsustainable and there is a rising rate of poverty, violence and other related issues. As a result more and more people are immigrating to probable safer and favorable nations. They move here in search of good employment, business opportunity or just to seek amnesty from their warring or poverty stricken countries. Today, America is seen as a safe haven for immigrants from across the globe.  In fact, today America is home to over 40 million immigrants, they amount to over 14 percent of its total population (Gladstein 16). Unfortunately, this immigration comes with complicated issues and is posing numerous problems to the US government and the nation as a whole. This essay aims to showcase the real problem brought about by immigration and the much needed solutions to these issues.

Immigration Essay Thesis Statement

A thesis statement about immigration is arguably one of the most important parts of any work, including this one. The thesis is the first thing one should write. We also advise you to have it near you or right in front of you at all times. Students can definitely include it into their outline and obviously keep it close. 

An excellent thesis will include your main argument and all the points you will be mentioning in body paragraphs. If you have three body paragraphs, then three points must be mentioned. Besides, everyone should be able to read the thesis and understand your perspective. 

We do have lots of samples, but start with one below and move from there.  

Thesis statement for immigration essay

Immigration is a complex process that might take years, yet hopefully lead to employment, resettlements, and safety in the process.

5 Paragraph Essay About Immigration

When you are writing a paragraph about immigration, you need to know how to work with it. Normally, five paragraphs include the first paragraph for an introduction, three body paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph. With that said, the introduction and conclusion each take up to 10% of your overall work. Therefore, the main body is 80% of your paper, whether it is only three paragraphs or more. 

As it is a rather lengthy part, one should definitely include evidence and cite the sources you have used. The format of citations will depend on your subject. One can research APA, MLA, and Chicago styles as a start. 

Also, don’t forget to see all the samples that we have prepared for you. 

Example of body paragraph on immigration

Recently, following the hyped immigration movements to America, there is increased threats of illegal immigration and even terrorism (Ahn 319). America is no longer safe, there is loopholes in the boundaries and aliens are smuggling weapons and explosives to the US. This is posing a serious threat to US residents. The illegal immigration is now intense and it is estimated there are more than 12 million aliens residing within the US. This population is growing at a rate of 700,000 per year. This points out how porous and dangerously open the American borders are.

Immigration Essay Conclusion

Another thing is that you will definitely write a conclusion for immigration essay. You might be surprised, but the introduction and conclusion are very close. That is why we recommend writing to them all together after you have finished the main body paragraphs.

The conclusion of immigration will require the following steps mentioned below.

  • Go back to your thesis and repeat its main argument using other words.
  • Briefly summarize the main points you have made throughout the article.
  • Try not to add any new information that wasn’t mentioned before.
  • Think about the final impression you want to make. When the readers finish with your paper, they must think about it even after reading.
  • Don’t forget to edit and proofread it.

Example of conclusion about immigration essay

The government needs to come up with programs to adopt this population to the workforce rather than hunt them down. There may be criminals among them, but there are also industrious workers and entrepreneurs who may be of great significance to the nation. There is a need to dispel the stereotypes that have been upheld regarding these aliens. It’s perceived that immigrants have tendencies to be criminals and some natives think that immigrants bring in diseases; this is illogical and backward thinking. In fact, it is totally contrary that native are reported in violent actions more than aliens. Immigrants are bringing in progress in economy, social and religious diversity and more importantly bringing ethnic interactions and mixing. The federal government needs to come up with policies to utilize them in building the economy. There can also be centers to check in immigrants and have them screened to ensure no illegal stuff is sneaked into the US.

Bonus: Use our conclusion paragraph generator and make this part of your essay excellent.

How to Write an Essay About Immigration

Writing about immigration additionally involves the steps we listed here.

  1. Read successful examples of immigration writing. As we said before, they are all free and easily accessible here in pdf. They were also donated to us by other students, so we are sure of their quality. 
  2. Select your subject. Here you must think about your personal interests and academic possibilities. Try choosing a topic that will be both narrow and still allow you to do research. In most cases you only have five paragraphs, so the topic cannot be too broad.
  3. Understand the style and tone of writing. Academic rating is usually very precise. That is why one should definitely check the samples and copy their tone. Remember that writing should be professional, yet interesting and not dry. 
  4. Write your paper. Sometimes, the hardest thing is to actually sit down and start writing. When you see a blank page in front of you, it might be terrifying to do anything with it. However, as soon as you start, things will definitely get much easier from there. 

Good luck!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Immigration Essay

We also want to talk more about the disadvantages of immigration essays. There are certain types of articles that require you to compare advantages and disadvantages. So below you will find some ideas one can work with.



  • It allows people to find new life, career and follow their dreams.
  • Many link it with increasing rates of terrorism.
  • It provides safety if somebody needs refuge.
  • It may take years for refugees and their move.
  • Refugees can get financial support.
  • It is a highly expensive process, considering the need for a lawyer and the fees for work permits.
  • People can get a professional presence in the states if they need it.
  • People will take a long time to adapt.
  • Displaced people can get help.
  • One might not be accepted into the program and be deported as a consequence.

The Most Common Immigration Essay Topics

We have lots of immigration topics for essay to write about. Remember that they should balance being narrow and yet interesting. We offer you some popular topics on immigration nowadays. But one can combine them with one's own ideas.

Check our topics about immigration and choose something for yourself:

  1. Lowered refugee quote after Trump administration.
  2. Affirmative asylum as a way to get a Green Card.
  3. Changes in policies after 9/11.
  4. The place of talent visas in the modern world.
  5. How much time does it take to become a Canadian citizen?
  6. Can refugees waiver fees for work permits?
  7. Military service as a path towards citizenship.
  8. Can anyone excuse illegal work in the country of one's choosing?
  9. The term "illegal alien" and its offensive nature.
  10. Is there a link between refugee programs and terrorism? (Check political science essay.)

FAQ About Immigration Essays

1. Are your immigration essay examples free?

Yes! All free essays about immigration are exactly what one wants. They are totally free and one can access them anytime you actually want. We don’t have limits or a fixed amount of times one can download them. So look at them, download them and seek inspiration. Do it as many times as you’d like.

2. How to start an essay about immigration?

The essay for immigration will start like any other paper. All academic articles usually start with a hook. This so-called hook can be anything from a quotation written by a famous person, data on the number of asylum seekers, or a rhetorical question. One can work with anything that grabs the attention of your readers. The main goal here is to make sure that everyone who starts reading will definitely reach the conclusion.

3. What are the benefits of immigration essay?

An essay on benefits of immigration is a very popular topic. There are lots of benefits when it comes to our topic, both for the person who is moving and the government. For instance:

  • More professionals
  • Flexible labor market
  • Cultural diversity
  • Opportunity to help a person who needs resettlement.

You can not go wrong with this topic.

4. What are the good titles for immigration essays?

Creative immigration essay titles offer you interesting ways to capture the attention of your readers. The only thing that one should probably not do is phrase your title as if it is a question. Questions are more fitting for newspapers and journals. Here are some titles:

  • Pandemic should not influence refugees seeking help.
  • Why Canadian policies on work visas are one of the best ones in the world.
  • Core differences between affirmative and defensive asylum.

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