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Choosing the Right Job

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Many people are facing challenges while making decisions on the job offers granted to them by the employers in the process of seeking employment positions. In some instances, an applicant makes a decision based on the packaged offered without considering the workload, environmental working conditions, and other factors, which will make them regret after a short period of working the employer. It is important for an individual to consider all the factors before making the final decisions on the job offer that fits his/her qualifications and experience. Based on the case of Mary, the tow job offers have lucrative rewards with slight differences, which need time for her to analyze and choose the best job offer. Throughout the essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two job offers, as well as making decision on the job that Mary should choose. 

In the first job offer that Mary has been offered to work as a Psychological Associate in a rehab center, she will have an opportunity to receive mentorship from the owner and employer directly. Mary is a new graduate from college without advanced experience in the workplace. The employer offers an opportunity for an employer to receive mentorship while learning more things about the organization without affecting the agreed remuneration. I some organizations, the employer will offer lower remuneration as to the new employees as compared with the existing employees for the period that he/she will be going through mentorship or training ( Robles-Gómez et al., 2017 ). In the first job offer, Mary will be dealing with the employer during the orientation period, and she will enjoy friendly interaction as compared with working under a supervisor or manager who might be harsh to the new employees while undergoing training. The employer will understand that the weaknesses that Mary is a new graduate in the industry. Additionally, the employer will offer light duties during the period that Mary will be going through training. The remuneration package of $45000 offered to Mary in the first offer is competitive, and it is accompanied by other paid rewards like a two-week vacation, health and dental insurance, and salary increase with periodic bonuses. 

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The disadvantage of the first offer is the number of employees working in the organization. The organization has only 20 employees, which indicates that the employees might be overloaded and working for long hours to accomplish the assigned tasks despite the competitive remuneration. When an employee is offered a competitive remuneration yet he/she is overloaded, he/she will not be motivated while undertaking the assigned duties leading to poor performances (Price, 2015). Such case will be disadvantageous to both the employer and the employee, as the employer will experience poor performance while the employee will feel frequently exhausted in the workplace. In the first offer, Mary will not be exposed enough in the workplace, as the number of people interacting with and sharing ideas is only 20 as compared with an organization with more than 200 employees from different backgrounds. 

The second job offer to Mary is a large and well-known insurance company in the industry. With such popularity relation to the company, Mary will also gain popularity in the employment sector, as she will enrich her career path. After a given period when Mary moves out of the company, it will be easier to secure employment opportunity in other organization as the well-known company will boost her popularity and the experience gained ( Robles-Gómez et al., 2017 ). In the second job offer, Mary will enjoy the enriched interaction with other employees from different backgrounds as the company has approximately 300 employees. With Mary being new in the employment sector, she will have an opportunity to learn more strategies that will help her to address challenges in the workplace and even when seeking new employment opportunities in the market. The Insurance Company offers a remuneration package of $40000, which would be increased if she portrays good performance. 

In the second job offer, Mary will be offered $40000, which will be inclusive of all the other benefits like insurance, tuition reimbursement, and 401K that matches employer contribution. It means that the remuneration will be less than the quoted amount if the benefits are deducted. Mary will start with one week vacation and then three weeks later, which is not paid ( Kim & Park, 2017 ). During the vacation period, Mary will earn remuneration less the weeks that she will be going on vacation. In the second job offer, an annual increase in the remuneration will be offered if Mary posts a good performance, which does not guarantee that the remuneration will be increased. 

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of the two jobs offers, I would recommend Mary to accept the first job offer. In the first job offer, Mary will enjoy and friendly people as well as working environment and mentorship, which will be helpful to her as she is a new graduate in the employment sector. Such opportunities are not available in the second offer, she will be assigned duties without mentorship, and she might portray poor performance. The owner of the organization in the first offer is interacting directly with the employees that they will enjoy free mentorship (Price, 2015). The remuneration offered in the first offer is $45000 before adding the paid benefits like health insurance and vacation period. Comparing the two remuneration packages, the first offer has higher remuneration that I recommend Mary to accept. The second offer offers remuneration of $40000 inclusive of benefits offered. The remuneration is increased yearly with periodic bonuses, which are not based on performances as it happens in the second offer. 


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