15 Sep 2022


New Society: The Community for a New World

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The society will not be old and complex as it is a newly formed one. The society consists will of several religious groups, cultural groups, and racial groups. Various groups from the entire world will enter the society with their own racial and socio-cultural characteristics. This new society will consist of the new and old inhabitants ( Welton, 2005). The society members will have their own socio-cultural living patterns that are distinct from other societies that are neighboring it. The society will develop and established the customs and norms for every group and the other external communities bordering it. The existing population will consider itself superior to the newly formed one due to the complexity and the composition of the people forming it. 

Description of the Society 

The society will be rigid in nature which will consist of both Christianity and Muslim as the core religion governing the society. Not only the Muslim and Christianity will have the influence on the social system but also it will affect the prevailing conditions of the society. So it will, therefore, follow that the society will acquire some special features from the modern environment and in the modern American setup ( Phinney et al., 2001). In this society, some Muslim leaders are expected to formulate the laws that will lead to the destruction of the temples belonging to the Hindus. The main objective of this will be to spread the Islam religion in the new society as far as possible than any other kind of the religion. In the long run, the majority of the Muslim are expected to accept and integrate the Hindu way of life the same way the Hindu community will be forced to accept the Muslim way of life. The role of the philosophers will be to find out the common characteristics of the two different religions as compared to Christianity, which is expected to be a dominant religion in the area. 

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Such kinds of the attempts will create a general overview for the cultural combination of different religions such as Muslim religion, Christianity and the Hinduism. Muslim members will be willing to learn from the Christians or the Hindus while at the same time the Hindus will be more willing to learn from other kinds of religion that are dominant in the region. The major emphasis of the will be to uphold the high level of morality, consideration of the material and self-sacrifice of the community members ( Welton, 2005). 

At any time, both the Hindu and the Muslim will be able to understand the implications of maintaining peace in the society and peaceful life with each other in the society. Some of the things are expected to happen among the Muslims such that they will start to lose their power and status and lastly, they will their self-confidence and strength as compared to the Hindus and the Christians in the same kind of the society. Both Muslims and the Christians are expected to establish the cultural differences between each member. The difference between the two antagonistic groups will create the division of people regarding religion as different individuals have different imaginations. 

The society is influenced by the kind of the religions that exist in the society. Strict rules are expected to impose to both the Muslim and the Christian communities such that the two other religion groups are expected to be forced to join Muslim religion. Since the society will comprise of different groups of individuals from different types of the society, some obsolete practices will be effected in the new society such as the marriage of the children below the age of 18 years. The new society due to the different composition of people will encounter some form of slavery as the poor in the society are expected to be enslaved by the rich individuals in the society. This is to imply that there will be some form of imbalance in the new society since the resources will tend to accumulate in the hands of the few individuals that are rich in the society while the poor will continue suffering at the hands of their the slavery masters (Olson, 2000). 

Since the society will consist of different individuals of different races and religion, there will be a change in the way recreation activities will be carried out in the new society. For instance, the Indians will be forced by the Muslims to drinking and gambling the practice that is carried out in by the rich people in the society ( Phinney et al., 2001). In the same way, the Muslims will be forced to accept the Indian dance, architecture and art and music. There is a high chance for the society to blend their cultures such that the Muslims will incorporate the Hindu culture in its own while the Hinds also will be expected to incorporate some aspects of Muslim religion into its culture. 

The community is expected to have all kinds of social amenities such as roads and educational institutions. The main aim for this will be to encourage the growth and establishment of some cultures. For instance, the converts will be estranged from their own heritage and culture. This will lead to resentment of other individuals in the society. The efforts that are expected to be realized by all individuals will be used to attract many people in the entire region. 

Entirely, the society will comprise of both the holistic and the hierarchical social structure. Change in the value of the structure is expected as different individuals meet to form a complex society ( Welton, 2005). The society is expected to be more liberal, open and it will emphasize on equality. This implies that every member of the society will be treated equally, and none will be discriminated against by any particular individual or the leaders of the society. Humanistic values will be relevant in an attempt of abolishing some form of negative practices or the practices that are meant to influence the individuals in the society in a negative way. 

Rules and Laws of the Society 

The purpose of the law in the new society will serve the function of controlling the behavior of people and how different individuals relate to each other. Since we live in the uncertain and chaotic world, the laws will be important in controlling the society evils and the behavior of each individual in the society. For instance, the children below the age of 18 years will not be expected to drink alcohol ( Welton, 2005). This is because alcohol impairs the judgment of the young individuals which therefore, in the long run, influences him or her to participate in the evils of the society. The law that guides on how the property of the society is shared will be established to prevent cases of war between individual family members and relatives. Each person will be required to adhere to the established laws without breaking any part of the law. Those found breaking the law will be punished according to how the law states. Every member of the society will be given the freedom to possess the wealth of the society, freedom of determining what is right or wrong and the freedom of establishing their own family according to the laws that govern the society. Since the society consists of different individuals that are set to integrate to each other in their day to day life, an individual will be required to marry from any religion and race depending on their willingness and desire. 

Social Structure of the New Society 

The political and the social institutions in this new society are set to reflect the behavior of every individual that is expected to live in the society. Just like any kind of the society in the modern era, this society is expected to encounter some forms of social injustices such that the resources will be unequally distributed among the individuals in the society ( Klassen, 1994). This, therefore, implies that the society will consist of both the poor and the rich. The rich will be the individuals controlling the wealth of the society while the poor will be the ones fighting hard to have a share of the resources. Since the society is projected to have the poor people inside it, cases of violence are expected for instance domestic violence as a result of a man beating his wife or the opposite of the matter. 

The reason for One to Join the Society 

The society is new and is expected to come up with many opportunities that have not been explored by other people. For instance, most of the resources in this society such as minerals have not been exploited and hence they will offer the visiting individual the chance of creating more wealth for himself. Since the society is new, it is expected that most of the people in the region are either uneducated or lack enough skills in performing different tasks, and therefore a visiting person will be guaranteed some form of employment opportunity. It is more likely that the people in the new society are law abiding as some of them are either naïve or responsible members of the society (Olson, 2000). The number of criminal activities is too minimal as people have not been contaminated with the criminals from the tough areas in other kinds of the society. It is easier for one to cope with this kind of life than the life from other kinds of society where competition is the order of the day. It can be said that there is little or no competition from this society as people have never encountered the challenging life. 

Problems Facing the Society 

The society is young, and hence, it has no funding agencies that can be used to fund some of the important projects in the society. Most of the individuals in this society are law abiding citizens and naïve and therefore some individuals from the complex societies will use the weakness to exploit them financially, socially and politically. The law institutions in this society are still young, and hence, it takes an individual a long duration of time for him or her to be accorded with the desired level of justice. This society is more likely to be affected by the issue of racism such that some individuals will be exploited or discriminated by others on the basis of race and sex. Because most of the law enforcement agencies are ineffective this society, it is likely to experience increased rates of crimes. This is because the criminals will insinuate their activities without fearing of any arrest or persecution. 

Reasons for the Choices made 

Every new society is always small, imperfect, consisting of one majority group of the race with few small races. The people from the majority ethnic group have the tendency of subjecting the ethnic minority group into suffering or torture. The new society is always imperfect as it comprises of small and imperfect social structures such as the court, and other institutions. Most of the individuals in this kind of society are uneducated and have little experience to work in different employment sectors hence benefits people from other societies. This, in the long run, may end up to be a lifelong opportunity that will benefit them in attaining sufficient income to sustain their living. Poverty levels are low compared to sophisticated societies that were established long time ago ( Elkin and Soltan, 1993). These kinds of societies have their resources accumulated unequally as compared to the way the resources are spread in the new society. In this kind of the society each member is guaranteed of a certain share of the available resources. Most of the individuals who work in this kind of environment end up enriching themselves depending on the kinds of skills that they possess. The individuals who are dumb will spend nearly the rest of their lives in such kind of employment without benefiting much from the available opportunities. As compared to societies that were established for a long period of time, this society has a lower economy, but the economy will keep on increasing at a higher rate as compared to the developed economy that is stagnant. 


The society will be expected to comprise of the few religious groups such as Christianity, Muslim, and Hinduism. All the religious groups are positively correlated with this kind of the society such that they depend on each other. The social structure of the society comprises of the weak political, financial and social features. These are known to lower the performance of the firm in the long run since the economy is left to strain on its on. There are a lot of opportunities in the new society as some of the minerals and other resources have not been exploited. 


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