14 May 2022


Class Evaluation and Assessments

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Question 2

As a teacher, various methods can be used to evaluate students for the purpose of knowing how much they have learnt, depending on how the assessment is carried out and the topic at hand. When analyzing these methods, the one method that I least prefer is in-class activities during which the students are required to work in groups or in pairs so as to discuss any given topic and to offer solutions. The reason for this is because it is quite difficult to find the perfect groups for students since grouping them according to performance has proven to be challenge for them. The smart students find it hard to work with students of poor and average performance citing that they do most of the work in the group (University of Texas). The average students tend to avoid group work and this has been a cause for concern since they are awarded marks that they did not work for.

Question 3 and 4

I prefer the use of exams to evaluate how well my students have grasped various topics at hand. This method provides is effective in identifying various areas where students are struggling and they also provide a friendly and competitive environment for students to gauge and rank themselves based on their performances. This method of assessment is flexible as it incorporates different questions in different forms such as essays, multiple-choice and short answer question (University of Texas). I am therefore more likely than not to use it in the classroom. The method that I would less likely use is polls and surveys as it may not give accurate data on the number of students that have not understood a particular topic.

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Question 5

Using assessments to gauge students is a proper way of ensuring that they understand the material being taught in class. If students know that they shall take a quiz at the end of a given topic, they shall pay more attention to instructions. It also means that students will be more inquisitive in areas that they will not have understood and as a result, more instructions will have to be given to enhance understanding.


University of Texas. (N.d.). Methods of Assessment . Retrieved from https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/teaching/check-learning/methods

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