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Comparison of Intel and AMD Motherboard Designs

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) 

AMD is a company that has been producing semiconductors, microchips, CPUs, motherboards, and other types of computer equipment. It is the second largest company after Intel. Motherboards produced by AMD include AMD Crossfire series, which is said to be cheaper than Intel. AMD produces "clones" of Intel products as well as their line of chip and motherboards. The company is widely known across the globe, as well as the devices. It produces high quality products in the market contributing to its competitiveness. The paper gives detailed analysis of the products and looks at the effectiveness. Consumers widely use the products because of high quality of the product in the market. AMD Company produces series of products in the market to help in satisfying the customer needs in the market. AMD Inc. is an American Multinational semiconductor company in Sunnyvale, California. The company deals with wide range of products to meet customers need. The company is ideal because it produces high quality products in the market. AMD has a competitive advantage in the market as well as strength because it produces wide range of products in the market. 


Intel Corporation is established as the market leader in producing motherboards and processing chips for personal computers. Intel also produces motherboards, CPUs, microchips, software’s and other computer equipment. Motherboards produced by Intel include Intel Server series and Intel Workstation series for servers and the Intel Desktop Board for Desktops. 

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Other companies make and sell motherboards other than Intel and AMD. The fact that Intel motherboard would only work with Intel processors and likewise for AMD, hence the sale and market share for AMD and Intel motherboards corresponds to the sale and market share of Intel and AMD processors. Intel Compact founded in 1968 made advancements in the Silicon Valley of U.S. to develop research in the market. Intel Company is developing its production in the market to match customers demand in the market. A disagreement arose in the 1990s due to the use of the Intel microcode in the 486 chips, which were similar to the used by Intel. This ended up in a lawsuit and the two companies resolved the matter to allow AMD to operate on the Intel license for several years. 

AMD also merged with NexGen to form a merger that offered greater competition in the computer market. Since the authorization to use the Intel microcode, the company has made several steps to authenticate its own products of chips in the economy. The company has refined the characteristics of its chips from the former K6-2 and K6-3 to the current modifications such as the Athlon and the Duron. However, it is evident that in the modern era, Intel is still a leading producer in the market because of the competitive advantage it has in the market. The demand of the products is increasing, creating a need of developing better and quality products. The Multinational Corporation helps in developing the products to many countries because there are a large number of products produced. Intel Company is developing production facilities in many countries to help in increase customer service. It is essential to state that Intel Company products are widely used in areas where PCs are applied. It helps in strengthening and spreading the market of the products across the globe to meet customer needs. 


A motherboard is a printed circuit board (PCB) that holds all of the crucial components of the system. The main circuit board connects the different parts together is the motherboard. The motherboard provides connectors for other peripheral devices such as DVD player, USB drives, sound cards, video cards, network cards, etc. It also provides electrical pathways so that the components attached to it can communicate. A chipset is a set of chips on the motherboard that collectively controls the memory, buses on the motherboard, and some peripherals. A few motherboard manufacturers, such as Intel and AMD, make their chipsets. However, other motherboard manufacturers use chipsets made by another manufacturer. The major chipset manufacturers are Intel, and AMD. Both the companies produce motherboards of high quality in the market because of need of satisfying customer needs.’ 

The Motherboards are the circuitry at the base as well as best quality to help in manufacturing of better services. The products suits personal computers because they are ideal for use. Besides, they also create a central Processing Unit chips. The designing of the chip for personal computers occurs with the aim of satisfying customers. The products in the market vary because of competition of share market and fight for capturing many customers. It is the uniqueness of a product; its quality and customer trust that gives merchandise the competitiveness in the market. A wide customer base, together with the log lasting service provision has offered Intel the advantage of outshining AMD in terms of sales. Diversification of the products offered is also a good strategy that AMD should adapt to achieve a substantial market share. It is ideal to have more market share to make the company competitive and attract many customers. AMD as a more recent brand has to offer better quality products than Intel in order to hike to the levels of market dominance that Intel enjoys. Besides, technological changes play a critical role in development of the products. An increase in technology increase the quality of products produced in the market making them attractive. 

CPU Socket and Chipset 

Not only do processors from Intel and AMD have different socket requirements, but different processors from the same manufacturers will also require a specialized device. Intel motherboard will not support an AMD processor and will not support certain Intel processors as well. In addition to choosing a compatible device, the chipset on the motherboard will determine how quickly the computer can run, what additional features it supports and how much memory it can access. The companies use different technologies because they both need to attract customers. AMD play a critical role in managing the products in the market and develop better ways of increasing customer benefits. The companies spreads there products across the globe to help in research in the market. AMD is an important company because there is reliability of the products in the market. Technology is critical in ensuring there is increased production of goods and services. 


Motherboards typically have three types of slots. Memory slots let you plug RAM modules into the computer. Technicians can add more memory if more slots are available. The slots are also specific to a given type of RAM, so a motherboard with double data rate type 3 slots will only accept DDR3 memory modules. Motherboards also have high-speed PCI Express slots for graphics cards as well as regular PCI slots for expansion cards. 


Motherboards have both internal and external connectors. At a minimum, you can expect to find internal USB headers and external USB ports, internal serial advanced technology attachment ports for drives, connectors for case LEDs and switches, and external audio ports. Some motherboards add support for USB 3.0, graphics connectors for their onboard graphics system, an external eSATA port for high-speed connections to external drives and even legacy ports like parallel or serial connectors. 

Difference between Intel and AMD motherboards 


The number of slots and the amount of RAM that the motherboard can accommodate depends on the make and model of the motherboard and this has an effect on pricing 

Intel motherboards are expensive than AMD motherboards because Intel is considered by most to have a better performance. Still some people tend to choose AMD over Intel. This is because the AMD and Intel chips and circuit boards provide almost identical functionality, but the AMD version is much cheaper. 

Pricing has affected the overall purchase powers of the users who acquire these components but unfortunately, the performance characteristics do not match with the amounts paid for Intel processors. This brings a conflict of interest in a manner that, some users will acquire a device with regard to its low pricing while others prefer quality of a product to a low price. 


The Intel motherboard contains the processor that is detachable from it. This therefore means that when the processor becomes faulty, there is no need to replace the motherboard. Instead, the processor is replaceable without tampering with the motherboard. This also allows a purchaser to be able to acquire these two components separately. Another advantage conferred by this attribute is that the motherboard is reparable separately as a separate component. In case of a fault in either of the component, a computer technician has the freedom of choosing the part that they can alter. A PC owner may choose to increase the processing speed of the computer by changing the separable processor to one that performs at a faster rate. 

As a way of maintaining system integrity, and to spare on space, the AMD motherboard contains a processor attached to it. This makes the processor inseparable from the motherboard hence a fault in one of these devices may lead to lack of functionality of another. Processor speeds are however independent on the capacity of the motherboard. 


An important feature of a motherboard is the processor socket. This socket and the 

Chipset determines which processors a board can support. A socket will hold either an Intel or an AMD processor. AMD and Intel motherboards accept the same kind of processor. Hence, an AMD motherboard would only work with an AMD processor, and an Intel motherboard will only work with an Intel processor and not the other way round. Intel motherboards have LGA 1156 and LGA 1366 sockets while AMD motherboards have AM2 and AM3 sockets. 


A chipset is an integrated circuit found on the motherboard that routes data between the processor, RAM, storage, and other components. Intel has two new chipsets, the Z97, and H97, collectively known as the 9 Series. Both have similar features, but H97 primarily works in business machines and general-purpose desktops. 

AMD and other manufacturers design third party chipsets that are compatible with the Intel motherboard. This eliminates the purpose of installing these chipsets into custom-made motherboards. The feature also allows the chips to work not only on AMD, but also on third party motherboards of other companies including Intel and Cyrix. 

Processor speeds 

The processing speeds for these two processors are similar. Either of these machine components can handle the same amount of workload. However, AMD processors offer a better gaming experience than the Intel processors. It is possible to multibox multiple computer games with the AMD processor and still maintain the game quality in this context. In comparison the Intel processors, this is an added advantage for game freaks who may want to load several games at a go. 

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