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Current Issue in Aging

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The article gives a veering into the current issues that affect the aging population such as performing the role of a parenting grandparent, the aging levels of care, the understanding of what constitutes a successful system of aging and economic problems ( Czaja, 2016) . Moreover, the article describes how the aging population is faced with the problem of healthcare costs, financial exploitation of these vulnerable population and the effects of substance abuse among the aged. In response to these problems, the article explains how human service professionals are helping in addressing these issues. Some of these human professionals include home aides, the physical, occupational and speech therapists, geriatric care managers and nutritionists, who perform different roles including guidance and counselling programs, primary care and enrolment to beneficial economic programs. This paper gives the current issues among the aging population and also examines how the human professionals are addressing these issues with this vulnerable population. 

Firstly, the home aides are helping the aging population in addressing the issue of parenting grandparents. Home health aides have the jurisdiction of identifying and responding to the physical and mental conditions that set in with old age. The home aides are trained to help the aging population in a variety of tasks, which range from personal hygiene and preparation of meals to meeting the prescription requirements for medical procedures. The major problem associated with parenting grandparents is inability to provide primary care to the young who depend on the aged ( Czaja, 2016) . Some of these forms of primary care include primary education, guidance and counselling and preparation of meals. To respond to the problem of parenting grandparents, the home aides help the young ones by provision of the basic needs like food and the general upbringing. The home aides also help in provision of guidance and counselling programs for the grandchildren of the aging population. 

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On the other hand, the article identifies the roles of the physical, occupational and speech therapists, who work in response to healthcare problems. The aging population is faced with the problem of health, which comes about as a result of aging. Some of these health problems include lack of knowledge on the required medical procedures like prescription, meeting the healthcare costs and physical therapy ( Czaja, 2016) . Therapists recognize that it takes a team for the provision of optimal care to the aged population. This is the major reason why the physical, occupational and speech therapists work in elimination of expensive medication procedures to the old age. The therapists also monitor the general health of the aged including the response to side effects to previous medication procedures and recommendation to physical activity as a way of reducing the vulnerability to old age infections like obesity and cancer. The therapists also use the evidence based procedures to address the health problems among the aged population. For instance, the therapists recommend smoking cessation programs for the aging population to help them take care of their own health. 

The geriatric care managers are other human professionals who help in addressing the issues among the aging population. Geriatric care involves a team of professionals who ensure proper communication coupled with optimal care is administered. Geriatric providers work in building teams of medical professionals, nurses and therapists who work collaboratively to address health problems among the aging population ( Czaja, 2016) . Geriatric managers are also tasked with the role of elimination of intricacies in the medication system. For instance, they help in ensuring that the time required for provision of medication to the old is reduced, which ensures the definition of the medical procedure. 

The other vital group of human professionals who help in addressing the current issues among the aging population are the nutritionists and dieticians. The health of the aging population is put at a risk due to lack of proper dietary recommendations. It is evident that at most times, the elderly are unable to prepare meals for themselves, which calls for the need of professional assistance ( Czaja, 2016) . The nutritionists are trained to address the nutritional needs of the aging population by provision of the required diets that meet the health needs of this vulnerable population. Moreover, the nutritionists help in the provision of food and dietary needs to the grand children of the aging population in cases where the elderly are parenting grandparents. The nutritionists also help in provision of dietary advice for the vulnerable elders who may be on certain types of medication. For instance, the nutritionists give advice on the alternatives in the case of elders who may be allergic to some kinds of diets. 

The next groups of human professionals who help in addressing current issues among the aging population are the insurance providers. Insurance providers understand that the elderly are faced with economic problems ranging from healthcare costs, lack of a sustainable retirement package and financial exploitation. This is the reason why the insurance providers work in response to the economic constraints that the elderly population faces. For instance, the insurance providers help in ensuring that the healthcare costs of the aged is both efficient and effective. Insurance providers give the elderly financial advice on the need for health insurance programs, while they also give financial aid for ensuring the quality of the service of care for the elderly ( Czaja, 2016) . The insurers also help the elderly in meeting their economic goals by giving financial advice on how to invest the retirement packages among the aging population. 


Czaja, S. J. (2016). Long-term care services and support systems for older adults: The role of technology. American Psychologist , 71 (4), 294. 

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