16 Apr 2022


Direct and Defensive Coping Mechanisms

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Apart from the different personality traits expressed by an individual, there are also mother mechanisms that people have, and they help them cope with stressful situations. They can either be coping mechanisms or defensive mechanisms. The primary difference between the two is that in direct coping the subject chooses to face the challenges that they are experiencing in a more mature manner that show responsibility rather than depend on fate and luck while defensive coping depends on applying less sophisticated methods often referred to as primitive. Another main difference is that direct coping is associated with the reality in life while defensive mechanisms rely on misrepresentation and absolute ignorance of reality. 

This paper will look at three different types of direct coping mechanisms and one defensive mechanism. The first one is the confrontation, which is the direct or straightforward approach to a situation that has caused one stress and anger. This is acknowledging a situation directly with the intention of finding a solution to solve it (Baqutayan, 2015). It is more mature and efficient because one cannot run away from their problems and if they manage to escape not for long. The second one is compromised, which involves deciding on a more realistic goal. It usually entails settling for less than what was initially expected. It is additionally the most sought coping mechanism, as it is not time-consuming and is cost effective. The third is withdrawal whereby an individual chooses to avoid the situation because other forms of coping are not available. This is applicable while trying to avoid confrontation and violence.

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Denial is the most common type of defensive coping among many people. It is whereby the individual chooses not to believe that an event took place simply because of ignorance. It is a very dangerous form of mechanism since it has serious repercussions. 


Baqutayan, S. (2015). Stress and Coping Mechanisms: A Historical Overview. MJSS.

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