15 Sep 2022


Discussion: Diversity And Cultural Factors In Psychology

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The Nature of Human Nature 

Babies communicate through different channels. Some of these channels include touch and sight. However, the most common channel that most parents use to communicate with their babies is talking. Most people might consider this channel of communication a repetition of words that don’t make any sense. On the other hand, parents may seem to be imitating their babies’ efforts to talk. However, this is the foundation of most kids’ development of communication skills (Films Media Group, 1995). Infants learn to communicate with their surrounding environment by getting assistance from their parents. These efforts by parents help babies to learn spoken language as well as convey their emotions. 

From this film, it's clear that human infants efficiently search for indications of informative signs in their parents, and after that they participate in social communications with them. Grown-ups react to this naturally with motherese; the way individuals instinctively address babies (Films Media Group, 1995). This elevates the recurrence dissemination of all sounds, making it easier to perceive. Kids then take care of their first challenge, which is recognizing sounds. The procedure takes around six months (Films Media Group, 1995). 

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What Poor Child Is This? Poverty and America’s Children 

One of the worst experiences that any child can go through is child poverty. It is estimated that about 12 million American children go through child poverty, where they encounter a lot of hardships while growing up. This proves that indeed, no country, no matter how developed, can escape from poverty (Films Media Group, 2011). Financial deprivation in the United States of America is the leading cause of child poverty. It leads to the destruction of family bonds and decreased civilization in most families. When this occurs, children in such families are left to depend mostly on themselves since their parents lack the financial capability. Lack of proper introduction to school education while still young increases the level of poverty. As a result, such kids experience poor performance when they eventually make it to school, and this affects them even more (Films Media Group, 2011). 


Films Media Group (1995). The Nature of Human Nature: Motherese (04:07).

Films Media Group (2011). What Poor Child Is This? Poverty and America’s Children: Cognitive Development of the Poor Child (03:03). 

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