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District Personnel Director Interview Report

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Question: How do you conduct a selection procedure used for teachers or classified staff in your district? 

Answer: The fundamental steps required in a viable hiring and procuring procedure are: 

1. Build up the position description 

2. Post as well as publicize the position 

3. Get and screen applications 

4. Talk with candidates 

5. Check references 

6. Settle on a hiring choice 

7. Set up an employment contract 

Question: what is the role of the principal in that process? 

Answer: Today's principal is the facilitator of staff and students learning—the pioneer of a community group. He or she connects professional advancement to class learning objectives. He or she gives chances to instructors to work, plan, and think together. Also, perceives the need to enhance principals' proficient practice persistently. 

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Question: how do you project the number of teachers needed to ensure that there is no overstaffing or understaffing in the schools? 

Answer: If a school principal projects that there is a vacancy to be filled, he or she advises the school recruitment of the required position to be filed by the use of staffing codes. If there are more teachers than required, the same procedure is employed. 

Question: how do you find people that meet the vision of the district? 

By developing a guideline, the director plans the philosophy of the school. Therefore the hiring and training guidelines reflect we want for the district. 

Question: how do you ensure an equitable and bias-free selection process? 

Answer: No employee wants to sign a contract that will allow his employer terminate his duties for no apparent reason. Therefore, there should be an open discussion for these concerns. Employees should be assured that there will be no unfair dismissal. 

Question: How do you recruit and find people for hard-to-staff positions, such as math and special education? 

Answer: For hard to fill positions, the personnel director use a comprehensive recruitment strategy that will make his offer more appealing to a range of targets. He also uses a focused and consistent message that speaks to both current and potential job seekers to portray a good image of the company culture. Offering good remunerations is an alternative method of filling positions with hard to get applicants. 

Question: How do you handle situations when no highly-qualified candidates are available? 

Answer: In a situation whereby there are no applicants with required qualifications, the district personnel choose those that have qualifications that near the required ones. In such a case offering those more training will help fill the gap required. 

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