1 Dec 2022


Domestic Terrorism Post Replies

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Allow me to commend you for highlighting the threat that terrorist groups that operate miles away from the United States pose to the US. Al Shabaab is indeed a threat to global security. I remember the attack that you mention in your discussion. It is unforgivable to kill dozens of unarmed and innocent students in the name of religion. In your discussion, you also shed light on the Army of God. I feel that this group threatens the fundamental fabric of the American identity. We are a nation that believes in individual liberties. For years, we have championed for the reproductive rights of women. This group seeks to take us back to the years when women endured oppression. I feel that all the American people should rise up and oppose this and similar groups. Our country is established on the rule of law and civil liberties. These are issues that we must all defend.


Your discussion focuses on the need for organizations to move with the times. While terrorist groups are bent on causing pain, they share similarities with other conventional organizations that pursue beneficial objectives. These groups also need to adapt to the changes in their environment. We are in an age where technology is redefining how we perform operations. Many terrorist groups understand this. For example, I understand that terrorist groups have embraced technology in their recruitment efforts. Your discussion has inspired me to wonder whether terrorist groups ever undergo fundamental and deep-running changes or they merely adopt new tactics. I feel that these groups simply adopt new methods and their basic identity and objectives remain unchanged. For example, as a group starts it employs basic methods in its campaign to kill. With technological changes, the group embraces new methods but its mission of killing stays in place. I would advise those tasked with tackling terrorist groups to update their methods and tactics if they truly desire success.

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