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Eating at School: Obesity

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Obesity is a disease of civilization, and the number of people suffering from it is growing tremendously across the globe. The concept of obesity concerning poverty is seen clearly in developing and developed countries. In developing countries, obesity is due to the easy availability and low cost of foods with high calories and no nutritional value. High rates of unemployment, low levels of education, and intake of irregular meals are some of the factors that promote obesity rates among poor people. For instance, snacks and processed foods such as crisps, biscuits, sausages, and juices with added sugars are quite affordable for low-income families. However, healthy meals such as grains, fruits, and vegetables are not affordable. Therefore, low-income families end up settling for processed foods. This leads to obesity and considering their lack of money. They can barely afford gym equipment’s limiting their ability to practice physical activities. 

Large numbers of obesity cases worldwide have encouraged governments to implement programs for the prevention of obesity. These programs are on educating the public on healthy lifestyles and implementing robust food programs in schools. To promote a healthy community, all partners, be it, children, parents, and also the external community should invest in healthy living. Schools have a social responsibility towards educating the students on healthy lifestyles, embracing programs that ensure healthy diets for the students, and implementing programs that promote physical activities. However, it would be a wasted effort if the communities do not support the initiatives taken by the schools. For instance, parents and the external communities, with the support of the government, should make an effort to impose taxes on unhealthy meals and reducing taxes on healthy ones. Measure like this would ensure price reduction for healthy meals making them affordable to low-income families. Also, it is the responsibility of the parents and schools to educate kids on the benefits of healthy diets, which might help them develop a habit of choosing healthier foods over-processed foods. Lastly, it is basic knowledge that a community’s efforts bear fruits, to curb the issues of obesity in most countries, governments need to impose measures that discourage citizens from purchasing high calories food. Also, communities need to support measures imposed by the government and make it a personal responsibility to promote healthy lifestyles and teach the youth and kids on the benefits of healthy diets. 

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