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Egoism Theories: Theories of Selfishness and Self-Interest

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Egoism theories 



Bioethics (“ Bioethical Issues – Healthcare ,” 2017) 

For a country to have a perfect healthcare system, several factors come into play. Some of these factors attribute to good ethical approaches by the general community. Such factors include; change in people’s mentalities and attitudes, advanced directives, healthcare power of attorney, free will to make medication decisions and even free health care decision making such as the choice of preferred hospital and insurance firms. These ethical approaches have helped to streamline the flow of events in healthcare facilities. Patients and healthcare officers feel free and not bound to unrealistic regulations when in the system. It has improved quality of the services. 

The government and patients have been saved a lot of money as the patient has a degree of authority over their health. They are free to give directives when necessary, and health personnel are at ease when offering their services. Ethical mitigation plans get initiated. Freedom of will has played a major part in making a diagnosis of disease much easier (“ Medical Ethics 101 ”, 2017) . Trust has built on the healthcare systems, and more lives are saved. Medical personnel can make decisions without considering a higher authority for the wellbeing of their patients. Government support for the provision of medical attorneys has also been critical. 

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An example of a bioethical issue is the issue raised by the question, ‘who gets what, and who decides who gets what?’ This sort of scenario may cause problems and delays in service delivery. For example, the decision by a healthcare officer while delivering a certain level of intensive care may not lie with them. It may risk the life of the addressed patient if the concerned personnel to give the permission choose a more stable patient. The interests of the health officer judging from the situation at hand may in no way prevail over that of the other person. 

It puts the healthcare officer in a difficult situation. In these cases, ethical approaches may not necessarily work for them (2017). The patient may get worse or die. The question of who was at fault further raises concern as it may show the health officer had no authority to give the directive but only to attend to the patient. These clashes of interests and concern reduce the quality of work. Deciding who gets what should then be addressed as a primary medical ethic. It may mean the difference between quality service delivery and death. There should be a clear guideline pinpointing the levels of authority each medical personnel if a critical point of suffering gets reached. 

Literacy in the healthcare system helps determine the levels of service delivery by health service workers to their patients and the capabilities of the patients to go through the process. As such, it is not easy to disregard these aspects as they determine how the patient fares, how long it takes them through medication and how the medication is working. Knowing the expectations of the system in handling cases and patients makes their actions more fruitful than if they were guessing or second guessing. It is an expectation in a health care facility that all matters be handled professionally. Patients should be taken through what is expected of them. This knowledge will ease the pressure especially when it comes to communicating on what should be done or knowing their statuses. 

When a healthcare institution has literate staff, the quality of the services is always up to standards. The comfort of the patients is guaranteed, and their improvement is enhanced. Cases of flaws or loss of lives are minimized. The healthcare has less expenditure as the operations are smooth and going accordingly. For the purpose of building trust in people and patients, literacy is a key factor in the healthcare sector (Varelius, 2006). Their lives and health depend on it. 

Deeming a patient competent can influence their behavior if they find out. As such, their deeds may become risky or careless which can hurt them. I have never been in a competence declaring situation. The same ethical concerns apply both at home and work because we are dealing with human beings with families. Discrimination is no part of the work. 

For comprehensive healthcare delivery, regulations must be there hence the involvement of the legal system. It helps assess and review ones' abilities legally to work. 

Capacity evaluations are done by government-appointed personnel or senior hospital staff. They are done to assess the competence of health workers and the levels of their abilities in healthcare service delivery. 

Health literacy helps a person do their work perfectly. The knowledge of what to do makes them handle patients entirely. Being competent minimizes flaws and improves service delivery. 

Competency is the level of quality of qualification either physically or intellectually in a person. In the healthcare system, skill plays such a role in that it helps determine the ability of the patient to handle and negotiate response through their medication. 

Conscience is the capacity to derive logic from ethical and moral principles governing ones’ thoughts and actions (“ Overview of Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care - Fundamentals - MSD Manual Consumer Version ,” 2017) . Conscience makes us make decisions or guide our deeds based on what we feel from within and from the possible implications of our actions. 

Trust relies on manifesting one's confidence or faith into someone from attributes they had no idea existed. As such, it is firmly based and grows over time from close observation and experiences. It is lost easily because an individual withdraws their faith from the person as they feel betrayed and remorse sets. 

Character is a particular property attributing someone which defines and determines their ethical and moral actions and subsequent reactions 

Ethics are set of moral principles that guide a one’s behavior. Morals are aspects that relate to or govern one’s view in determining right from wrong and vice versa. 

In decision making, considerations are made on what side to rely on or which side to disregard. These decisions are based on the principles of morality and ethics. 

Primarily, taking the money without asking for it is an offense. I would dissuade her from doing so. If I have any money to me or any other access to money, I will lend her with the promise that she will repay me the same way she was to return the one from the petty cash. If all this fails, I would report her to appropriate personnel for action to be taken despite the favor I owe her. My idea is not for her to be punished, but to be helped financially if possible. Stealing money to mend a broken car is not justified enough. Were it that she was sick or had a more pressing matter, I would probably overlook the act. This kind of behavior if gone unattended to would become regular and can put her in severe cases. Her character is probably to change, and the company may end up having untrustworthy employees who will affect its progress. Dissuading her and helping her out will help her escape such a scenario. 


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