19 May 2022


Ethics of Means and Ends

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A police chief is one of the top administrative position in a police department (PD). Considering the size of Greenville town, the responsibilities attributed to the chief are wide-ranging, there are some unstructured decisions whose effects will trickle down the other police departments within the city (Sarver, 2014) . For instance policy formulation, that will have to be observed by every local PD in town. This article will examine a desirable policy on an ethical approach to means and ends within the criminal justice system.

Essentially, the success of a PD is gauged based on the number of bad guys arrested. Little attention is placed on the means employed to get the job done. This approach allows room for the police to employ any means to get the job done, regardless of its moral stand. To mitigate this act, a policy that ensures that all the actions that are deployed by the police are not only legal but also, ethically acceptable would have to be put in place. The best approach is ensuring that it is legally stipulated that only ethically justifiable means can be employed to public policing routines (Peters, 2015) . The general result of police actions is to catch the bad guys,and this always ends up attaining social stability. This approach will ensure that all the actions that the police employ are morally accepted (good means). And since police are working in service of the general public, high moral standards in their practice will build the general police reputation.

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To ensure that this policy is formulated and implemented successfully, all of the stakeholders in the criminal justice will have to take an active role in policy making process, seeing as this policy will mean comprehensively restructuring the police workbook.


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Sarver, H. M. (2014). Police chief leadership: styles and effectiveness. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 37(1) , 126-143.

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