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Eulogy Examples: How to Write a Eulogy

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Am a wonderful husband, a wonderful father of two sons and one daughter, and best friend to many people. I have the ability to make everyone feel secure, comfortable, and share my love equally to the people I love. I have married for 20 years, and I have always look back over those years with much happiness. As a gentleman, well-mannered and polite, I have always been quick with a witty remark. Due to my good nature and joviality, I have always attracted people, and no one can forget my raucous and contagious laugh. As an industrious man, I believe am always committed to my job by working long hours and give back to the community. Since I love attending Rotary meetings, I always encourage people to be involved in life. 

As a father of three, am always happy when left to my own devices; whether it is tending to the garden, building a shed, or fixing one of my cars. I am a self-professed petrol head, and I love nothing more than jumping in the car and drive for just relief and relaxation. Since from childhood, I love driving, and I could look for any excuse just to have a spin. Mercedes is my most prized possession car. As a father, I always discussed with my daughter and sons to cope up with the modern world that is changing at a faster rate as compared to the one which I was born. I try my level best to ensure my kids have manners and are responsible and keep my partner happy and the marriage healthy and alive. When it comes to a serious decision to be made, am very introspective. I never rush to make decisions; I think for long and hard before giving sound advice. Am one of the products of an age where joy and nobility of politics prevented differences of the platform, party, and philosophy from becoming barriers to cooperation and mutual respect (Ianni, 2011). 

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Ianni, L. (2011). Rocky’s Eulogy . iUniverse: United States. 

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