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Evaluation Research: Definition, Methods & Examples

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Substance abuse is the uncontrollable use of drugs in amounts and for reasons that are harmful to the consumer's health. Some of the commonly abused substances include opioids, alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, and some substituted amphetamines among others. The issue of substance abuse is among the most significant societal challenges that mostly affect the youth who constitute the most significant percentage of substance abusers. Following the increased rates of drug abuse and its adverse effects, various therapeutic approaches and interventions have been implemented to reduce relapse in the young male adults with the substance use disorder. One of these intervention approaches is the Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT). CBT is structured around the concept that the transformation of a person's perspectives and attitude reciprocates into a change in their behavior and feelings. For the young adult males fighting with drug addiction, the CBT therapeutic program helps them to recognize, cope, and avoid the situations that would lead them into substance abuse. The CBT program is administered in three phases where the first phase focuses on identifying and prioritizing the patient's drug abuse problem. The second phase is based on the implementation of the manual program while the third phase aims at relapse prevention. This evaluation examines the use of cognitive behavior therapy to reduce relapse in young adult males with the substance abuse disorder. 

The significance of CBT in Reducing Relapse 

CBT contains a variety of methodologies in light of the learning standards and estimates that subjective procedures impact conduct. Standard CBT is a period constrained, organized mental mediation, acquired from a psychological model of medication abuse. There is an emphasis on distinguishing and adjusting irrational contemplation, overseeing negative mindset and mediating after a lapse while preventing relapse at the same time. Typical cognitive methodologies utilized are testing irrelevant considerations about substances and perceiving superfluous choices that prompt a relapse (Olatunji et al., 2013). Standard social systems used are adapting to yearnings for substances, advancement of non-medicate related exercises, planning for emergencies and adapting to relapse. Different components of CBT incorporate social abilities preparing and critical thinking aptitudes. 

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CBT is frequently evaluated as the best way to deal with treatment with a medication and liquor populace. Furthermore, it is acknowledged well by customers. Proof for the adequacy of CBT exists for a scope of substances including liquor, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin and infusing drug use. Besides, the advantages of CBT may reach out past the treatment time frame and secures against backsliding or repeat after treatment end (Beck, Davis & Freeman, 2015). Expansion of signal introduction methods to a CBT may additionally help heroin-subordinate clients in moving in the direction of an object of restraint. In this way, CBT shapes an imperative device of intercession and involves an essential place in the psychosocial treatment of substance utilize scatters. 

Importance of Studying the Use of CBT 

Even though CBT is a smaller scale hypothesis of clinical practice, it is contended that an appreciation of the setting of the person's social condition is fundamental to pick up a full recognition of elements that influenced the development of a man's center convictions and patterns. In any case, the focal point of CBT is to enable people to recover a sound level of working by helping them to en-gender psychological and social changes that prompt more reasonable activity and to more significant amounts of self-acknowledgment and regard of self as well as other people (Hayes, 2016). While the intellectual part of CBT centers on the advancement of more discerning and adjusted perspectives of the self, the world, and others, the conduct viewpoint tends to social and social aptitudes shortages to improve the person's successful quest for his or her life objectives. In light of this, a goal of CBT is to enable people to build up a sound feeling of self-intrigue (Egan et al., 2014). That is, people are distinguished and seek after their particular life objectives and aspirations, take care of their physical and passionate prosperity, and accept a more noteworthy awareness of other's expectations for the course of their lives. Therefore, social workers should familiarize with the CBT method with the aim of increasing their knowledge of relapse management approaches while maximizing the potential support offered to young adults with the substance abuse disorder. 


It is hypothesized that using CBT as a treatment approach for young adults with the substance abuse disorder is among the most effective measures to mitigate the chances of having a relapse for the patient. 


The study of using CBT to reduce relapse for young adults is crucial in educating the society on its importance and effectiveness as applied in the respective contexts. Since its origin, clinicians have extended CBT to work with different adequately disarranges in grown-ups, including tension, melancholy, and substance utilize scatters. CBT joins the best parts of conduct treatment and psychological treatment and works on the basis that the patient's considerations make feelings, which prompt practices. To change such methods, at that point, the patient should screen their thoughts, feelings, and practices, and supplant these negative considerations with positive ones to make enduring passionate and social change. It additionally fuses parts of operant learning hypothesis, which recommends that the patient's practices are fortified or reduced by the positive and negative support. 


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