29 Aug 2022


Identical Twins in the Womb: How They Form and What to Expect

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The content of the video clearly relates to the concept of identical twin pregnancy. The video demonstrates that after 13 weeks of pregnancy, the various parts of the body of the twins begin to form to resemble those of a normal human being. The concept of twin pregnancy has been widely debated on various platforms of literature. The debate has been on the identification of whether the pregnancy is twin or not, as well as whether the pregnancy for identical twins or not. From the video, I have been able to learn that identical twin pregnancy is identified through an ultra sound mostly done after the first tri-semester of the pregnancy period. If the pregnancy is of identical twins, then the ultra sound results are likely to show once placenta as compared to when the twin pregnancy is not identical. Therefore, given the fact that identical twins share the same placenta, there is a high likelihood of development of various complications during the pregnancy period. Such complications may range from wrong positioning of the twins to premature birth. These are things that are not desirable for normal pregnancy. Therefore, mothers with identical twin pregnancy need to be closely monitored to take care of any risks and uncertainties. At the end, I learned from the video that mothers with twin pregnancies have higher chances of delivery by caesarian as compared to the normal single baby pregnancies. The chances for caesarian delivery may be up to 15% higher for twins than single baby pregnancies.


Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe5AV8PcKBo

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