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Federal Bureaucracy: The “Fourth Branch” of Government

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The federal bureaucracy comprises of people who have a significant influence on the government hence the name “Fourth Branch” of the government. This branch influences the three main branches of the government i.e. Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. Groups that constitute this branch include the elites, the press, religious groups, and other interest groups. 

A bureaucrat is defined as someone who works in an administrative position for the government. These are the people who actually work for the government. The responsibilities of implementing government policies and decision making are done by this group of individuals. This branch wields significant power since it helps in maintaining a stronger economy. Bureaucrats also formulate laws and regulations to guide implementation of policies made by the Congress. For instance, the elites such as those in the Federal Bureau of Investigations will spearhead the implementation of laws that help in protecting the nation. Also, the federal bureaucracy promotes income distribution and public welfare. Once the politicians are elected to office, they are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that Americans are safe. To do this, they have to work hand in hand with the federal bureaucracy. 

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All these functions make the federal bureaucracy as a co-equal branch of the government. Additionally, this branch also possesses quality such as Hierarchy which is unique. This fourth branch of the government has a way in which things are done. The power ascends upwards from the least hierarchy to the top most level. Since this branch is comprised of specialists, it has the advantage of influencing the government to carry out its duties effectively. Finally, bureaucracy also has some drawbacks such as some people being sidelined in the decision-making process. 

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