14 Apr 2022


Final Self-Assessment Rubric

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After accomplishing this semester in Education, I have gained new knowledge and unforgettable experience based on the in-class material, online and homework assignments. Our textbook along with online modules and weekly reflections has assisted in acquiring a necessary knowledge on how young adults with disabilities and other needs should be treated. In particular, I have learnt what exactly parents must do in order to help their children with special needs. 

This semester was perfect for recognizing career opportunities for disabled young adults. It’s amazing how many jobs there are in the world that may fit even the special needs people. When we were covering higher education and after-school activities, it was interesting to read about numerous grand programs, learning policies, social benefits, and other opportunities for disabled students. We were encouraged to conduct researches by ourselves, so now I feel more comfortable with gathering both qualitative and quantitative information.

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Except for the education and career options, we were talking about housing, personal care, transportation, and social life as these factors also have a great impact on disabled students. It was pleasant to discover there are really a lot of community services ready to help families with disabled children on both moral and financial level. After visiting several resources in particular, I have discovered useful activities and exercises to do when teaching a student with autism or other disabilities. 

All of the online modules, especially the last one, taught us which community resources are the best to apply when having a disabled student in the family. Earlier modules have provided excellent guidelines of how parents and other family members have to support their disabled children. 

I have acquired valuable skills in particular on how to deal with the blind, deaf, autistic, SpLDs, and mental health problematic students. The modules we have done online were dedicated to the employment, independent living, impact of health on education, importance of parent education and support, child and respite care, various case management, financial and economic support students have to obtain. 

Despite this semester was dedicated to students with disabilities mostly, I have discovered a lot of useful learning techniques for self-development. I believe there are still many things for me to learn, and now I know how to involve various people and even institutions to assist with my studies. We did not use a lot of material from the textbook by Fialka and Feldman, but I found some of the Chapters very interesting. In particular, I would recall the sections stressing the importance of parent’s involvement in the education of a disabled student and practical suggestions for professionals. Also, I liked how the metaphor of “dance” was applied to show the complex relations between tutors, administrators, early childhood providers, therapists, and other professionals who work with disabled youngsters. I should say that the examples drawn from the real-life were the best part of the book. So, the reference to the book would look this way: Fialka, J.M., A.K. Feldman, & K.C. Mikus. 2012.  Parents and Professionals Partnering for Children with Disabilities: A Dance That Matters . Rev. ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

As for the research papers and similar assignments, they helped me to realize how a real study should look like. I have learnt the way a guide for parents and disabled students should look like. I am thankful that the teacher has implemented weekly reflection tasks in order to examine our progress and identify any gaps. This way, the entire class caught up successfully with issues we had problems with. “How You Doin’?” was a way to discuss how me and my peers felt overwhelmed. We shared the struggles of student teaching and how we progressed every single week. Thus, I have found a lot of useful educating tips.

On the whole, the core idea of the semester was to acquire new experience in interacting with family members. We learnt how to find compromises in different complex situations. It’s amazing how I grew since the beginning of this semester in Education. I cannot tell that I feel like a professional teacher so far, but my chances to master this discipline have improved significantly. I have improved both communication and collaboration skills significantly.

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