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Fire and Emergency Services Safety Survival

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Major issues in the unit ii case study

The presence of several different fire companies with different commands. Lack of common source of command to give instructions and guidance to the crew led to the lack of coordination in containing the fire by the firefighters. This ensures that all the team attending to the fire has similar instructions and guideline on the nature of the building and the positions of the rest of the crew. This also affected communication and led to one of them pulling down the ceiling while others were on the main floor.

Lack of expertise. For the crew who tried to pull down, the ceiling should have been cautious knowing that the building was already burnt and was weak. A building that has been on fire becomes weak and needs care while attending to the building.

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A common source of command helps in crew coordination and maintains communication. Where there is effective communication between people tackling the same task, the work becomes easier and minimal or no accidents that occur.


When the command is common, the events are executed in a planned manner with every crew member understanding their roles which contribute to a well-organized teamwork.

There are no or minimal accidents since the task is centralized meaning, they have got similar instructions and centralized means of communication.


The organization of the crews from different companies co come up with a common source of command may consume the time that could have been taken to save the situation.

On the expertise, the participating companies should consider sending the long serving crew who has had an experience in many other incidences to attend to such Inferno, and to guide the newly recruited officers on how to go about the incident.


A team of the experienced crew can have contained the inferno faster and minimize the damages caused by the fire.

Experienced team players are more cautious in their duties, which means, there are less or no accidents witnessed.


The newly recruited officers lack the opportunity to exercise their career, hence being inexperienced for a longer time. 


In the case like this one where several companies respond to a fire alarm, the first to arrive should be the one to give directions to the others and decide the distribution of the firefighter to have an organized teamwork.

Secondly, the long-serving crew should be blended with the newly recruited ones in any assignment so that the new officers may learn practical tactics from the older ones.

Work cited

Kobes, M., Helsloot, I., De Vries, B., & Post, J. G. (2010). Building safety and human behaviour in fire: A literature review.  Fire Safety Journal 45 (1), 1-11.

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