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Freudian Theory: The Psychosexual Stages of Development

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Sigmund Freud had contributed numerous important theories in the psychology discipline, which include ego, defense mechanism, unconscious, conscious, and psych-sexual stages. Freud’s major contribution is the Unconscious Mind, in which he claims that the human mind is split into unconscious and conscious parts. The significant psychic happenings of life generally lie “under the surface.” Typically, these concepts are the socially unwanted ideas, wishes, emotional, painful, and traumatic occurrences. His psychoanalysis mostly depends on the unconscious (Boothby, 2015). In the course of the therapy, psychologists try to unearth the unconscious area so as to comprehend the personality, psycho-sexual phases in addition to mental conditions. 

Freud’s most controversial theory is the child’s psycho-sexual development. Freud claims that in earlier phases, id is the focus for the kid and libido as the motivating factor. If there is an obsession, it will persist in the future. The most controversial of these phases is the ‘oedipal phase,’ where the kid is believed to start to have sexual desires for his mother. The boy wants to substitute the Farther as the family head and as hubby to their mom (Guntrip, 2018). Nevertheless, simultaneously, they allegedly respect and fear the dad and believe they will be castrated if they carry on. Via this process, the boys empathize with the Father and this is exactly how the superego is formed. 

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The life factors and social-cultural factors that led Freud to conclude that he did were that he supposed that, as each kid passes through these phases, there could be a likelihood that a kid might spend additional time in a certain phase than they should. 

Many people fail to concur with the development of Freud’s theories because, first, the theories lack equality because more emphasis is on the boy child. Secondly, the theories are hard to prove scientifically. Lastly, the theories lack empirical evidence. 

In general psychology and the present day’s popular culture, there are several concepts based on the Freudian theory, and a number of people have not realized that they stem from him. For instance, people claim that as grow old, their features look like they were when they were children, an idea that may be traced back to Freud. 


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