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Gifted and Talented Students - A Comprehensive Guide

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The statement “Gifted and talented” is directed at students who prove to perform extremely beyond average among other students. A gifted student demonstrates high academic and intellectual proficiency. They perform beyond average in more than one subject like Mathematics, English, Science and other subjects. While a talented student poses remarkable talent in visual and performing arts. The student has skills that are evidently above standards in more areas concerning human performance that include subjects like P.E, Drama, and Music. Due to their distinct capabilities, the gifted and talented students should have a particular kind of school setup. Since, when these gifted and talented students are put in the same setup with other regular students, they do not maximize their potential, they feel socially lonely, get bored and sometimes lose focus. To ensure that the students do not submit to these factors, educators need to find possible ways of creating conducive learning environment (Pfeiffer, 2002). 

A class with gifted and talented students has to spike motivation to the students due to their high vulnerability towards the kind of boredom that comes with dullness. While designing a classroom for these individuals, I would ensure that there are boards all around the classroom. By incorporating decorated boards into the classroom setting, students should get to feel more motivated to exploit their potential. A large colorful poster displayed at the back of the classroom should be in position to provide information, in daily installments, quotes and messages that should act as reminders to the students on matters that importantly relate to their academic life. Also, charts, graphs, drawings, maps, quotes, board pins, choice boards will be around the class. The front corner of the class will have the “Did you know?” board, a random fact wall application, and a curiosity basket, where students shall document the facts that they shall have come across in the course of their school day. A class accommodating gifted students will have sits at the center for primary teaching and round the class; round tables will be placed for group discussions. Each table has to have names for the group members and at least two computers will be in the class near the teacher’s desk in case the students are in need of internet (Pfeiffer, 2002). 

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Classroom instructions are practices that a teacher uses to teach students in a classroom with the aim of giving them knowledge. While managing the gifted and talented student, there is the use of an effective instruction method that gives students vibrancy to participate in class. While handling the gifted and talented learners, there should be the implementation of differentiation as an instructional method. To differentiate is to simply modify the instructional tools, ideas, activities and resources to meet the needs of these students. Classroom instruction should involve the integration of the internet into the course work. Gifted and talented students love using the internet and by introducing of classroom lessons that allow the gifted and talented students to use their devices such as; desktops, phones, and iPads while studying a particular subject is one of integrating course work with technology (Work, 2017). Assigning of project based on an individual’s ability in Math, Arts, Music English and other subjects and asking them to use the internet as sources as a method of differentiation. Also, after assigning a quiz, these students tend to finish fast. Thus, instead of adding them a new quiz, the act of engaging the students to play games would be a perfect idea as this keeps their minds occupied. Instead of teaching the whole lesson, letting the students with prior knowledge show the other students will be a way of engaging and motivating gifted and talented students. 

Intelligence is the ability an individual has that enables one to apply gained knowledge and skills in accomplishing tasks, solving a problem or generating ideas. It is thus important for a class to have multiple bits of intelligence in that, a class that has gifted and talented students has a higher potential of success. A class whose students are very knowledgeable tends to have a good system of conduct, has good coordination when it comes to cooperation among individuals. Intelligence also helps in exploring of studies, research, the creation of learning games and brainstorming of ideas (Work, 2017). 

Having gifted and intelligent student is not all merry as sometimes it can be frustrating to a teacher. Imagine oneself as a teacher and after having done an extensive research and coming up with a task on a particular topic with the aim of testing the students for an hour, talking a ten-minute walk outside only to find out on coming that, the students have completed the task and are all idle. Well, it is frustrating in a way. This factor leads a teacher into looking for the most challenging and complex assignments and tests for the “I know it all” students. All persons are gifted in their way, and these students happen to have the gift in academic excellence. Thus, teachers should put these students in consideration while teaching as they might end up on each extreme ends of performance, very successful when the maximum potential is squeezed out of them or the road down the street when neglected (Work, 2017). 


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