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Have I Got a Story for You? - The New York Times

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Intent and Viewpoint in the Passages (Paul’s Case) 

Willa Cather intent in the first passage is to show how Paul becomes a secret lover. The writer says that at Carnegie Hall where Paul lived, he remembers fairly love tale which displays Paul allurement to a secret love. 

In the second passage of Paul's case, Willa Cather demonstrates Paul flashback to a mistake he did earlier in the story. Carter shows that it gets worse than a jail, even; the tepid water of Cordelia Street is closing over him finally and forever. It all rushes back upon him with a sickening vividness. 

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Intent and Viewpoint in the Passages (A Journey) 

In the first passage, Edith Wharton wants to explain to us a lonely train passage heading to New York City. The journey seems long and lonely to the character. The character tries to occupy herself by clutching at her thought. But they slip away from her mind. Also, Edith Wharton figures out how it was a cold journey to the character. She shudders as it occurs to her, that as she reaches the New York City, she will be quite cold and someone might think she had been dead since morning. 

In the second passage, Edith Wharton intent is to demonstrate a case where an adult teacher gets in a situation where children have a noisy confrontation. The teacher tries to silence them to solve the issue between them, but they attack her clamorously. She gets into confusion, but she fears to forget her part in this confrontation. This context is supported by; she tries separating and restraining them, but they beset her clamorously, like her school children at the end of a hot day. 

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