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Health and Safety in Preschool

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It is crucial to understand the importance of a well-constructed playground before examining the reasons why preschool children behave the way they do during breaks and recess periods. Historically, there were few facilities available for children to utilize or their extracurricular activities and took to playing along street ways and bare, unprotected village compounds that were also used for harvesting activities. As years progressed, wood – fenced compounds were constructed with patches of grass to prevent children and school-goers from catching chest infections that occurred as a result of exposure to dust and other unfriendly agents such as pollen. Today, outdoor recreation areas often have swings, slides, merry – go – rounds, bouncing castles, mini pools and grass lawns for football and other activities. 

Each region of the world subscribes to standards that must be followed to construct safe playing areas for preschoolers, who fall between the ages of two and five years old. Swing sets and combination play structures are modern approaches to creating smaller playgrounds. Concrete covered areas are built along the class borders, just beneath window and ventilation structures. As a result, the rate of accidents and injuries that occur in playing fields have reduced substantially because of increased safety precautions requiring a more significant number of caretakers present during recess, well-constructed equipment and facilities, higher quality lawn grass grew and access to first aid education and activities for school-goers. Many modern playground sets are often considered some of the most dangerous playground facilities if poorly installed. Climbers need to be well placed and accessible for preschoolers and non-destructible. 

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Kindergartens have combined recreational indoor and outdoor activities to help children determine their preferences. As such, there are a higher number of learning institutions that have access to yoga for small children, dancing classes, music, and hunting activities in their list of recreational activities that appeal to the young ones. Kite building and flying are some activities available in relatively larger preschools, which often have access to related grade school compounds. To engage caregivers to monitor and supervise children, games such as hopscotch, catch, wall painting and hand art activities are promoted in preschools. This provides a discrete opportunity to examine the overall well-being and health of children who may not be readily identified during classroom activities and also allows training on soft skills such as conversation creation, culture, sharing, and healthy exercise. 

When scouting for preschools, parents often examine learning institutions for running water and dry, hygienic scenery. Toilet facilities are also expected to be clean at all times and well lighted for children to access with or without adult supervision. In addition to proper handling of garbage and other waste items, preschools with animals are supposed to have separate sanitation arrangements to ensure that animal to child transmission of infections does not occur. Outdoor and potted plants should be groomed and fenced away if bark and flowers constitute potentially toxic compounds. The areas covered with mulch are frequently tended and fertilizer used as required. For example, aloe vera should be far away from children at playgrounds. Playgrounds should also be far away from vehicles, traffic, and noise from highways. This reduces the level of insecurity children may have or reduce anxiety associated with road carnage. This particular preschool – the Great North Road Kindergarten – is close to a child care center, because of a large number of children with respiratory and other allergies. The health practitioners at the center are experienced health workers, nurses, and pediatricians who work on a rotational basis. Common ailments treated include pollen allergies, stomach flu, and frequent colds. Parents are notified immediately their child experiences any discomfort while in the care of the preschool. 

The merry-go-round and see-saw structures are well anchored below the ground and within the particular region of the play area. The metal structures are free of sharp edges that could cause cuts on children on each of the arrangements. Children are also prohibited from playing or standing close to the structures as they wait to use the revolving structures. There are grass patches around the see-saw structure to cushion children who often topple over their seats when hurriedly getting off the fabrics. However, staff members are always close by to remind them to carefully step off the merry go rounds, prevent them from pinching themselves with the handles and locks and watch over their movements at all times. 

To adequately account for each child, staff members have rosters that they use for each classroom. If recess sessions alternate, they use these registers to check on each child. To build a sense of responsibility among the preschoolers, each child must account for their immediate classroom neighbor after lunch and break. If recess after classes takes place before the end of the learning day, two staff members supervise all the children and ensure that school security guards are present as they leave with their parents. At any given time, three adults are available for a group of twenty preschoolers. This ensures that the staff does not get exhausted, distracted, or disoriented while at work. For the relatively active and playful children aged between 3 and five years old, two staff members often standby to prevent any playground fights and any other minor disputes. 

Health and safety supplies are controlled by the procurement department, which carries out frequent inventory checks at the end of each month. The unit is also responsible for the availability and maintenance of fire extinguishers, which are both carbon dioxide and water based. These extinguishers are kept strategically placed near exits, corridors, and walkways in the school. Water hoses are also situated meters within reach of the inhabitants of the school. Medical supplies are delivered from the national medical service distributors within the county. Children are expected to have inoculations frequently performed in line with all stipulated immunizations. The staff members check immunization cards and other health records before offering treatment.

All children are appropriately dressed for winter and have appropriate coats, hats, and gloves each day. Shoes are also well insulated and comfortable. Classrooms are conditioned, allowing children to dress in sweaters and place their warm attire away until they leave during breaks or at the end of the day. During spring, the children are also expected to have water-resistant clothing and jackets in anticipation of rain and drizzles on each day. Summer is warm, and staff members ensure that each child is not overdressed and they provide extra time for the children to play in the sun to compensate for days spent indoors during winter and fall. Sunscreen is never applied without the consent of parents. It is deemed as impactful as medicine and therefore the ointment is only offered if guardians provide approval. Follow – up is made each month to monitor any changes in summer. 

The overall rating of the Great North Road Kindergarten is high due to the level of compliance that is upheld in the preschool. Playground safety is rated impressively in the first year of evaluations. The school has historically high registration levels for students because parents have shared their positive experiences regarding the staff and grounds. The same trend is expected to remain stellar, considering the institution has been operational since the early 1990’s. 

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