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How Diversity and Cultural Factors Impact Psychology

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The decision on whether people adjust to wanted or unwanted changes is a yes and no answer. This is mere because people will typically accept the adjustment towards a positive change in their lives. (Chansky, 2012). On the contrary, people will actively resist the changes that are negatively affecting their lives or rather changes that do not make any difference or add value in their lives. According to (Chansky, 2012), slow to warm individual is more reticent in any and all situations as people are left with no option other than to slowly adjust to the changes that are being made. Slow to the warm individual allows time for people to understand clear the changes that are being made and weigh out the impacts that come with the changes. Eventually, people adapt to the changes until it becomes part of them. This is mainly applicable in the society where people are adamant to changes whether positive or negative.

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Self-regulation is the ability to control oneself regarding emotion, mental feeling, thinking capacity and physically stability. (‘Kids Matter’, 2016). When one can refrain from a fight even after been accused or rather abused by the second party at a face, then that is one form of self-regulation. Other people, however, describe it as self-containment. The ability of one to contain himself even at the worst situation. Human beings are majorly affected by emotions. For a man, anger emotion can overshadow the thinking capacity and end up doing nasty things. On the other hand, however, ladies are emotionally sensitive especially when it comes to things that are intimately loved or related to them. Therefore, it becomes imperative that human beings should be able to regulate their emotions as it sometimes outweighs the level of thinking and can end up doing unfortunate things. (‘Kids Matter’, 2016).

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