23 Aug 2022


How networking eliminates the limitations of physical borders

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Networking involves connecting with like-minded individuals through a variety of simple functions including shaking hands, social media, and exchanging business cards. An online method of networking is joining an online community. Social media offers options such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn (Moreau, 2020). Online communities give a lot of exposure with an endless active part of the community. Entrepreneurs have to be cautious in identifying an online community that is suitable for their brand or product. Attending industry relevant events is a method to network in person. Entrepreneurs should diverse the events they attend to gain access to more opportunities.

Social media networking eliminates the limitations of physical borders by allowing networkers to connect with people all over the world almost instantly. Networking on online communities requires a laptop or a mobile phone to start communication immediately (Moreau, 2020). News is delivered in real-time on social media platforms. Networkers have access to a limitless database of information on online platforms (Moreau, 2020). Attending job events assists networkers in taking their skills to the nest level by finding willing investors. Speaking at events builds credibility to people with common insights to similar topics. Most fairs are often free, offering an opportunistic launchpad for a new business idea.

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Networking will help in gaining more connections with individuals from a similar industry. Networking is an opportunity to meet new business clients who are essential in pushing a new or mid-sized business to a wider market. It helps to improve career goals by increasing interpersonal skills and confidence when dealing with diverse types of individuals. Online community networking assists with discovering new viewpoints in career development. Industry experts form a web of connections to ensure they are always informed if changes occur in the industry. Attending industry-related events build on personal relationships by building trust with other entrepreneurs, which in turn leads to personal career growth.


Moreau, E. (2020, April 10). The Pros and Cons of Social Networking. Lifewire . https://www.lifewire.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-social-networking-3486020 

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