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How One Personal Trainer Achieved Success with His Online Business

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Client Profile: Steve Rogers 

Age: 27 

Gender: Male 

Resting Heart Rate: 60 bpm 

Height: 6'0" 

Weight: 178 lb 

Body Fat Percentage: 11\% 

Background and Goals: Steve is an avid runner and has been quite slim his whole life. He runs moderate- to long-distances three or four days per week. Running is his only physical activity. Steve has never been interested in resistance training because it is not his strong suit. Steve recently decided that he is tired of being skinny. He would like to put on some size and muscle before he travels back to his hometown for a good friend's wedding in 12 weeks. 

Target Heart Rate = ((max HR − resting HR) × %Intensity) + resting HR 

Let’s the intensity level be 60% - 70% 

Target Heart Rate = ((220−27) – 60) × 60%) + 60 

(193– 60) × 60%) + 60 

(133× 0.60) + 60 

79.8 + 60 = 139.8 

139.8 beats/ minute minimum rate 

For maximum heart beat rate 

(193– 60) × 70%) + 60 

(133× 0.70) + 60 

93.1 + 60 = 153.1 

153.1 beat/ minute maximum rate 

Having graduated from the University Of San Francisco, Department of Kinesiology, I am a fully qualified physical fitness trainer. As a fitness trainer, I have been able to meet and mingle with people of diverse characteristic for a period of 8 years now. Dwelling on my experience in this field, I have been able to understand various people’s personalities based on the profile, and I have been able to draw workable personal training guideline for my clients. In the program, I design the activities to be undertaken, safety precautions and first aid procedure in case of accidents. 

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Week 1 

The client being a runner, would mean that he has no exposure to lifting weights which will help him attain a masculine body as he wants. His body fat is also low at 11% which needs a good diet to boost the levels of calories burnt during the exercise. Being a beginner, I recommend the lifting of light weights of 5kg each side for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening daily. Also, the use of protein rich foods and carbohydrates will help in generating energy to sustain the exercise. 

Week 2 

The client should slightly increase the weight to 10kg on each side, using the similar time program as week one. The use of foods like eggs and sea-food is highly recommended due to their nature of generating more calories in the body. Water intake should be encouraged after the exercise of at least 2 glasses 

Week 3 

The frequency of the exercise from week 2 should be increased from one hour, to one and half hours but within the same timeline (Mornings and evening) 

Week 4 

The client should add 5kg more on each side to make it 30kg aggregate. At this stage, the client should exercise for one hour in the morning, one hour during day time and one hour in the evening 

Week 5 

At week 5, the muscles will have slightly adjusted to the changing weights. The timeline should change from the one used in week for, back to one and half hours in the morning and evenings. This will give the muscles time to relax and prepare for the next session 

Week 6 

The weight should be increased to 20kg on both sides, as well as the frequency to one hour in the morning, during daytime and evenings. 

Week 7 

The diet should be observed to maintain balanced diets for the body to be able to produce appropriate energy for the exercise. The weigh should be increased to 25kg on both sides. 

Week 8 

The 50kg load should be maintained for the second week to give the muscles time to adjust better to the increasing weight. Water should be taken in appropriate measures to avoid dehydration because of the increased sweating at this stage. 

Week 9 

The weigh should be added to the maximum of 30kg on both sides. This should be the last point of adding weights for the purpose intended by the client. The routine of exercising one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening should resume. 

Week 10 

At this stage, the frequency of the exercise should increase to keep the muscles at their new shape. This will help them to get used to the weigh and relax and contract at ease. 

Week 11 

Having gotten used to the maximum weight, the intake of the carbohydrates and proteins should be reduced because the body now requires less energy to lift the weigh. The exercise should commence to one and half hours three times in a day. 

Week 12 

In the final week the client should incorporate all the steps form the beginning but in an alternating nature. For instance, he can exercise with 50kg in the evening, 20kg in the morning for four days. 

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