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How The Cane Toad (Rhinella Marina) Influence the Environment

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Invasive species refers to non-native species in a particular location and spreads, causing damage to human health, the social economy, and the environment. The negative impact of invasive species includes reduced biodiversity, water shortages, pollution, and chemical overuse to manage infestations, decreased quality, and availability of natural resources. For instance, the cane toad (Rhinella marina) is an invasive species in Australia that is believed to originate from Central and South America leading to the extinction of other predators such as large goannas and northern quolls influencing individuals to develop mechanisms to avoid spread. 

The cane toad is a common invasive species in Australia that originated from South and North America, and the high number of eggs laid by its females makes it successful in spreading. It is believed that cane toad was introduced in Australia from North and South America in 1935 as a mechanism to curb destructive beetles in sugarcane crops (Shine, 2018). This fact illustrates that someone imported the species from South America, and people started using it for controlling insects on farms, although it has replaced native species in the country. The species spreads very fast since its female lay approximately eight thousand and thirty thousand eggs with the toadlets maturing within a year in tropical conditions. 

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The native species affected by cent cane toad ane toad include predators such as skinks, large goannas, northern quolls and other species die due to eating this species. To prevspread, the government is developing a scientific mechanism considering that the only control method is humane since it involves disposing their eggs or killing them during their adult stage ( McCann, 2018 ). Considering that the cane toads spread very fast and it is difficult to control, I have learned that human activities introduce such species in new locations, and later they end up endangering native species. 

Cane toad (Rhinella marina) is an invasive species that got in Australia in 1945 from South and North America. It is believed that an individual imported the species to curb beetles in a sugarcane plantation. The most native species affected include skinks, large goannas, and northern quolls as a result of competition for prey and other native species that are endangered due to the poisonous nature of cane toads. 


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